Saturday, July 29, 2006

July's Secret Pal Gift!

Wow!!! My secret pal did it again! This months theme was 'Meal Time Fun' and my Secret Pal went over the top!!! (I sometimes wish she could actually see and hear my reaction as I oooo and ahhhh over each gift that she has so carefully chosen! A simple 'Thank you' here never seems like enough.) Each piece was individually wrapped so each was a surpirse!

In this month's package were Hannah's first placemats. A fun, bright Sesame Street counting mat with games on the back and another one that featured the map of the world.

Next I opened this really neat feeding bowl. It's microwave safe, divided and has a neat little hole where my thumb can go as I hold it. (From babysitting experience, the good grip will also allow me to move it quickly as tiny fingers try to find carrots to fingerpaint with! :o) There are 3 plates with lids which will be wonderful for using at home and when out. You know Miss Hannah will quickly be learning how to shop to meals on the go will be happening!

The next gift was so very thoughtful! It's a recipe book that my Secret Pal carefully made with love. The care she took brought tears to my eyes! So much thought for someone she's never even met. There are a number of baby friendly recipes such as Sweet Potato Cubes, Tiny Tot Turkey, Toddler Slushies and Rice Puree Pudding. Each recipe is written out with ingredients, how to make directions, how to serve and also what age is appropriate to introduce this food. What care! As I'll be a first-time mom I'm also thankful for the section of Do's and Don'ts about feeding baby. Eg. Do introduce new foods at the rate of one per week, so you can pinpoint any allergies. Don't feed nuts, raisins, raw vegetables, unpeeled fruits or peanut butter to children under the age of 2. I can see there is much to be learned! I'm used to a parent leaving me this neat little list of Do's and Don'ts for their child and their meals carefully chosen in advance for me to heat up at the appropriate time. Guess China won't be sending me home with a 1 month meal plan will they? Uh oh....I see a big learning curve in front of us!

The next item in the package will hopefully make it to China but I'm not making any promises! It's a can of Gerber Fruit Puffs - Banana flavour! I've heard that babies love these and they're a must (along with 2 boxes of Cheerios!) in China. I'm a fan of Gerber bananas so mommy may just have to test these out for Hannah to make sure they're edible!

The last gifts I opened were just too cute! A wonderful ladybug plate, bowl, glass, fork and spoon! What a perfect gift! When I first started the adoption process I didn't think I'd do too much of the ladybug stuff but I am finding some things and look for ladybug items all the time!

THANK YOU Secret Pal!!!! Once again I am overwhelmed by your generosity! You're the best!!


  1. It must be because you deserve it!

  2. I too was never that into ladybugs but now with the adoption and the chinese lore, I am ladybug crazy! I look for them everywhere and I have to have it if it has a ladybug!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Okay, Catherine, that is the cutest ladybug mealtime set I have ever seen! You have to find out where your secret pal got it from!!


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