Friday, July 28, 2006

Funshine Will Arrive in August...For Sure!!!

My heart actually ached yesterday when I read my dear friend Mary-Mia's blog and found out that she and her husband Rod had officially missed this month's referral cut off by only 1 day! My heart ached. My stomach sunk and I was just sad for my friends.

It's absolutely amazing how close you can feel to people you've never met in person!

- 18 months ago I'd never heard of this wonderful person, Mary-Mia.

- 12 months ago I began reading her blog as it offered a weekly dose of laughter as she shared the daily goings on of she and her husband Rod. They have this uncanny knack of looking at life with a smile and turning everyday events into moments of hilarity!

- 6 months ago she and I began to email occasionally and a friendship had been formed

- 1 day ago, I cried for a friend who was hurting and wished with all my heart I was close enough to offer a shoulder to cry on or a hug of support.

Today, Mary-Mia is beginning to feel a little better. The worst part of having a July 14/05 LID is missing the cut-off by only 1 day. The best part of having a July 14/05 LID is that without question Funshine's referral WILL BE HERE by August 31st!!!! Oh yah - that already brought a smile to my face!

Love you Mary-Mia. Still praying as we know for sure your beautiful baby's picture and information is in the Matching Room right now just waiting to be lovingly placed in your file in China, and in your hearts in the US! This time next month we won't be able to contain the excitement on the boards as Funshine is proudly announced by Mommy and Daddy and introduced to a waiting blogger world!

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  1. Thank you honey! We're smiling a little more each day. And I'm going to go out and find that redneck countdown yard sign this weekend so we can have a little ceremony to plant it in the front yard on Monday and get on with the excitement.

    You are a dear friend and I am so glad we met in blogland. We'll be back to Canada someday soon too, and then boy are we going to have a partayyyy. :-)


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