Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now That Was Fun!

Today at work Norma and I took advantage of a fun opportunity to raise money for a great cause.   We rode the Big Bike in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  This foundation has a special place in my heart as there is a history of heart disease on my dad’s side of the family. 
What fun we had!
Each team could choose what they wanted to wear.  We decided on the black bottoms and white shirts and then a couple of the gals found these fun Canadian cowboy hats at the dollar store.  I think we looked great if I do say so myself. SmileIMG_6197
We were loud as we laughed, cheered and shook tambourines as we rode and people were so supportive!  (I was sitting in the middle of the bike so not visible in this pic...but you could hear me! :)) It was neat to see and hear the number of people who honked their horns or stood on the side of the road cheering.  I was also surprised at just how fast this bike moved with very little effort.  Our route was about 5 km/3 miles long and it only took us about 7 minutes to ride it.  We were ready to go around again!download
There were 2 teams made up of our coworkers and together we raised almost $10,000!  I’ll be signing up again next year for sure!


  1. How awesome is that?!! Love it.

    You ARE bringing that hat to CA, right? Because you know I'm going to have to borrow it.

  2. What fun! You are always up to something great and creative. Love it!

  3. Good for you! such a worthy cause.

  4. Very cool and what a great cause to do so for as well!!!


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