Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mmm…Strawberry Picking 2012 (Part I)

Last weekend Hannah and I invited Grandma to go strawberry picking with us and what a fun time we had!  The berries were big, juicy and plentiful.  The sun was shining and this year Hannah quickly caught on to what berries were the best ones to pick and she was amazing!  Before we knew it our basket was full and we were ready to head back to the little farm and park with the huge slide! 

Can you hear her little voice singing out as she picked up her basket?  She outgoing personality makes people smile all the time!IMG_5910

Wagon ride out to the strawberry fields.IMG_5911

Proud little CanadianIMG_5932

Look at my little love!  What fun she was having!IMG_5916


Delicious, juicy berries.  Yummo! IMG_5915




Look at her go!  I was concerned the berries would go everywhere as the basket was quite heavy so after this pic we shared the job and together we managed to get all the berries to the car…IMG_5928

…well, most of the berries! Winking smile 



My little love sporting strawberry whiskersIMG_5930

Next post….feeding the goats and oh my, what a slide!!


  1. So cute! Great job, Hannah!
    Btw, I've added your blog to my blogroll- hope that's ok!

  2. Love the "strawberry whiskers"! What a little cutie. By the way, I have to say I love Hannah's haircut! Her bangs are so soft and natural looking, they seem to blend with the rest of her hair so well! Not that her hair is the only thing that makes her cute or anything, just had to compliment your style :-)

    1. Shauna, your comment made me laugh. Since the time these pics were taken I took Hannah to have her bangs trimmed and I forgot to ask her to keep them whispy. She's now sporting a heavier bang...but only until we can grow some of them out. A mistake I hope I don't make again as like you I really like her light, whispy bangs.

  3. We are big fans of strawberry picking! She looks like she enjoyed it very, very much! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Such fun! She looks so big in these pics. Where did your baby go???? :)


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