Monday, June 11, 2012

Is There Any Question Why She Sleeps So Well?

This is Hannah’s true self.  We were at Ribfest a couple of times this past weekend and well, she was her normal Hannah self.  You will quickly see why she’s normally out like a light within minutes of her head hitting the pillow…and why Mommy is exhausted and ready to put her feet up too. 

While most people were seeking cover under tents during a brief rain shower Hannah saw it as an opportunity to dance and run.

Bubble chasing.  We had to keep this experience pretty short as it was crowded and I was afraid she’d run into someone…or wear their soda over her head!

Running through the climbing castle.  She has no fear of heights that’s for sure!

Whoosh down the slide.

And if you’re curious, yes I own a cute little pink puppy h*rness and I’m not embarrassed to use it when needed!  I’m sure you can see why!

You can also see why I am SO thankful to Ange who cares for my energetic bundle of love Monday through Friday!  That girl deserves a medal!!  Thanks Ange!!


  1. Wow look at her go! I wish Chloe's activity would help her sleep but no luck here. If only we could bottle toddler energy so we could run around with them :)


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