Monday, June 04, 2012

Moments from May. A Little Bit of This and That.

Eating cereal before church.  Comfy I think!IMG_5438

Water play at Charlotte’s birthday partyIMG_5446

Friends who really are family.IMG_5480

Dancing with her friends Ava and Sarah in the mall.  You can see why they made many people smile!  IMG_5506

Walking with Grandpa to feed the fish.IMG_5531

Checking out the bird’s nest with Jacob.IMG_5630

Swinging with Tor Tor.IMG_5655

LOL!  Now this is some kind of swimming look! SmileIMG_5663

Special moments with cousin Noah.IMG_5678

Walking Owen to school.IMG_5679

Learning new things every day.  Hannah now likes to help make her own breakfast.IMG_5693

Everyone loves a brown eyed girl (Thanks Stacy!  It’s 5 years later but it fits!)IMG_5694

My beautiful girl!IMG_5681

This has been fun!  I’m going to try and do this each month.  Quickly go through the month’s pictures and share the ones that didn’t fit into any other posts.  Hope you enjoyed this journey with me.


  1. Go to Lucy's web site. They need the power of your prayer.

    1. Thank you so much. I was just there and have been praying for sweet Lucy and her parents too. I cannot imagine!

      For others who may wish to go please paste this address in the address bar or, click Lucy's picture in the sidebar.

      Thanks you!

  2. I will be praying for Lucy and her family!

    I love the May pictures, great idea to put them all together in a post, I always end up with random pictures that just don't seem to fit anywhere. I also wanted to let you know I came across some very cute Minnie Mouse canada day shirts at wal mart the other day. I was the one who also had a minnie mouse st. pat's day shirt for my daughter...we seem to share a love of disney and cute shirts for our girls so I thought I'd share :-)

  3. The girls looks like they have their own flash mob in the mall!!

    Those are some great pictures for sure!

  4. What a great way to end a month! (and remember it :) )


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