Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Invisible Red Thread ~ Follow Up

I posted about The Invisible Red Thread a couple of weeks ago.  I had an opportunity to watch it today and cannot say enough about it!  It’s a documentary of 2 teenage girls who were both adopted in China when they were babies.  One was adopted by a family in China and the other was adopted by a family in Toronto.  The girls initially correspond with one another and then Vivian and her father have an opportunity to travel to China and meet Shumin in person. 
I enjoyed hearing the girls talk with one another, learning about one another’s lives and what day to day life is like for each of them.
I think the most eye opening part for me was when Shumin shared how difficult life is for her in China since she is adopted.  It broke my heart to hear that she has been discriminated against and even bullied because she was adopted.  I hate that she has to go through that….and I hate to think that Hannah may very well face those very same challenges.  My heart actually aches to think that Hannah may face challenges like this.  I’ve always known it could happen but still, it doesn’t make it easier.  The Mama Bear in me just wants to protect her from every hurt she will face.  But I guess that’s a normal Mommy feeling adoption or no adoption.
I found it really neat to see how the girls helped one another and after meeting they were both changed people for the better.  Shumin said she learned that she could be happy about her adoption.  Vivian appreciated her parents and home more and the things that she previously took for granted.   Both girls appreciated their families more which was a wonderful blessing to all.
If you have a child who is adopted I would highly recommend ordering a copy of this DVD for you to watch now and your child to watch when you feel she/he is ready for it.   What an eye opening movie it was and I’m off to order a copy for Hannah and I.


  1. thank you Catherine for synopsis and thoughts about the movie. I wish that they would've been able to play it here in the states too, but good to know you thought it well worth it to actually purchase it for later down the road :)

    1. The movie can be purchased by my friends south of the border as the company also ships to the US if you're interested.

    2. Thanks for that info!!! Heh heh, sounds funny to be referred to as south as the border, as that's a whole 'nother country when I say it ;) (coming off working the night shift, sorry if I'm goofy ;) )


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