Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Fun Times Went On and On

We’re of the mindset that birthdays are to be celebrated so we celebrate them to the fullest.  Smile  My birthday was the last day of May and Hannah and I turned it into a week of fun together and also shared with family and friends.  Yay!  I was completely spoiled and blessed by everyone who wanted to celebrate! 

Our first party was an annual birthday party with Auntie Deb whose birthday is the week before mine.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of Deb but did capture one of Hannah enjoying the delicious peanut butter and chocolate ice cream cake she made.  Yummo!IMG_5684

The last Tuesday of each month Polar Bear and I enjoy a marathon Skype conversation. Our calls normally end up lasting somewhere between 4 and 5 hours and go into the wee hours of the morning! We met one another a few times but it’s been a while since we’ve been together in person so now we visit via Skype. It’s such fun and I treasure our friendship! Since her birthday was the week before mine we enjoyed a cyber party, each having bought ourselves a celebratory cupcake. Fun! Miss you Polar Bear!!

The next night we cashed in a free birthday dinner coupon received from Boston Pizza and celebrated together.


Norma brought delicious treats to work.  Thanks Norma!IMG_0075

The day of my birthday was a Thursday so it was a piano teaching night for me.  My parents watched Hannah a little later than normal and this allowed me to go see, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ with a friend and then out for peanut butter ‘n chocolate ice cream.  Mmmm!  The movie was GREAT and we laughed ourselves silly.  Highly recommended it!  Thank you friend!!

Friday night Hannah and I cashed in another coupon I was sent in the mail and we went to The Marble Slab for celebratory ice cream.  Heh….birthday celebrations just seem to be tied in with yummy treats!mmm ice cream  June 1, 2012

Sunday lunch I was treated to delicious mini lemon cupcakes.  Here we are spending time with Nana and Papa, Tor, GG and Grandma Dale.  IMG_5706

Our final celebration was with Mom and Dad.  We went to a local Chinese buffet that we all enjoy and had a wonderful time together.  It was a great way to finish up a week of birthday celebrations!


To all who sent birthday wishes and celebrated with me.  Thank you!!  Hannah now reminds me that her birthday is next! Winking smile


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like plenty of good partying going on :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you both had great fun for sure!!

  3. Happy belated birthday.
    Aren't you heading back this way anytime soon. I'd really love to meet up. We were vetted out and given the stamp of approval by Alyson and Ford LOL

  4. Happy belated birthday! You sure know how to celebrate! Except now I'm craving ice cream...:)

  5. Got to love those coupons and the celebrating. Happy belated.

  6. I am sensing a peanut butter chocolate ice cream theme! Happy (belated) birthday, my friend.

  7. Happy birthday! You know how to celebrate!

  8. You have too much fun! Happy Belated Birthday!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Birthdays are for celebrating, and I enjoy week long celebrations ;)


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