Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mmmm…Strawberry Picking 2012 (Part II)

On the way back from the berry patch we had the option of stopping at a little farm area where Hannah could feed the animals.  Although she preferred looking at the animals from the safety of Mommy’s arms in the past, this time she was ready to meet them face to face.  She had such fun and they really were very gentle.IMG_5938



This year the farm installed a huge slide that Hannah loved!  She was up and down this hill and slide a number of times and would have kept going if we hadn’t needed to leave.  I think we’ll stop by again just to let her play!IMG_5906

What a great time we shared together berry picking, feeding the goats and playing on the slide! 


  1. What a fun day and that big basket of strawberries looks wonderful.

  2. That slide is HUGE! Glad she got to have fun with the gentle goats :)

  3. Love that first picture of Hannah petting the goat- so sweet!!

  4. Fun! Ok, I'm off to see where we can strawberry-pick around here ... thanks for the idea! :o)

  5. She is totally fearless! She reminds me of Bri soooo much!


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