Sunday, June 24, 2012

It’s Officially Time to Look for a New Pool

We’re enjoying hot, sunny days which means I pulled out Hannah’s ladybug pool last week.  It took moments to realize that this little pool has served us well but it’s time to buy a new little pool for our backyard.  One glimpse like this was all it took!  I think in this pic she’s saying, ‘Uh Mom, I don’t think I fit!’ IMG_6056


Wearing her favourite ‘google goggles’swimming1

Regardless of the size of the pool, Hannah still had lots of fun!  IMG_6067


So, for now our little ladybug will continue to cool Hannah off until I can pick another one off when the sales begin shortly and then I hope to purchase a slightly bigger one that will still fit on the deck.  

And, because this is fun…..Flashback 2010swimming June 2010

Flashback 2011swimming July 2011


  1. My word that pool is adorable! I've never seen that one before :)
    Now of course it pales in cuteness comparison to a certain young miss who indeed is getting bigger-aack! ;)

  2. Love her little tutu how adorable is she!!

    Love the pool too shame she's too much of a little lady now to fit!

  3. Hehe!! Yup! We filled up our pool today and can't wait to jump in!! Also CAN NOT wait to see you in just a few days!!! :)

  4. Love the series of Hannah growing up in her ladybug pool. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I think maybe you'll have to do a giveaway on your blog for that adorable pool. There are some little ladybugs on their way who would love it!! ;) Life is good. Hope you guys are having a great summer in your NEW pool.

  5. Oh I love seeing her grow up in those pictures! So sweet!

  6. Who shrunk the pool? Those photos are hilarious of the pool getting smaller and smaller. It looked so big to begin with.


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