Friday, June 29, 2012

Moments in Time: My Amazing Little Compass Girl!

Ever since she was a baby Hannah has had an amazing sense of direction.  Before she could even speak she had a way of indicating the she had been someplace before.  I have often been amazed by the way she remembers being someplace and often talks about it when we head in that direction again.
Tonight I picked her up from daycare and we headed towards my parent’s place which is about 20 minutes away from daycare.  My mom normally picks her up on Thursdays so that I can teach piano and takes her to their home.  On the way home mom drives her down a country road so that they can look at horses and cows.  Tonight Hannah asked me if we could see the horses on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's.  I said that would be great....except I didn't know where the horses were.  She and Mom have often talked about their visits to see the horses but I never thought to ask actual directions.
I mentioned that I didn’t know where the horses lived and she replied with, 'Dat's okay Mommy.  I know how to get there!'  Wow!!
I decided to give it a try and follow the directions of my little 3yo back seat driver.IMG_6208
We drove along the main road and as each intersection would come up I'd ask, 'Turn here?' and she’d just laugh at me and say, 'No mommy.  Keep going straight.'  As we were getting closer to where we normally turn off to my parent’s place I was concerned that we'd missed it.  As we went by another intersection I suddenly heard, ‘Turn here!’  By then we’d passed it and she groaned, ‘Oh no!  You missed it!’ (Heh!) I reassured her that we could go back so I turned around and off we went.
At this point I heard, ‘Keep going straight Mommy, the horses will be on the right.’
You guessed it.  About 2km up the road and voila…HORSES…on the right!IMG_6206
After sitting at the side of the road and talking about the horses for a bit she led me (after another turn) to where the cows normally are but they were in the barn. 
Hannah, you have an amazing sense of direction and your help in finding places or things at home is a huge help!  What a great gift to have, an internal compass that works perfectly!IMG_6209


  1. Smart little girl! Beautiful piccies too.

  2. Wow! That is quite amazing!!She is so smart!!

    PS: Thanks for the comment on my blog, we are truly blessed to have our precious girls:)

  3. Hi Catherine,

    Thought I would stop by and say Hello!

    Your girl is growing!


  4. Wish I had that (heck I'd take knowing cardinal directions wherever I am ;) )! That's awesome Hannah!!! And kudos to mommy for letting the back seat driver direct her :)

  5. That's awesome! Way to go Hannah!

  6. Can I borrow her, I get lost turning a corner?
    That's amazing!


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