Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Magical Day in the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday we were up and on the road by 6am but rather than heading to the ‘bread store’ as Hannah likes to call it, we were on our way to Disney!!   It had been all of 8 weeks since we were last there and we knew that Mickey might be missing us!  (Grandpa decided to stay in The Villages this trip and do some golfing with Uncle Paul and Aunt Louise so he missed visiting the Mouse.)

IMG_3083After saying good bye to Nana and Papa at Pop Century (who were spending the day at Epcot and Animal Kingdom) Grandma, Hannah and I boarded our ‘Mickey Mouse school bus’ (Hannah’s term) and headed over to the Magic Kingdom!

For as often as I have been at Disney, there is still nothing like entering the park and realizing that we’re really there!  The Happiest Place on Earth!!  It was beautiful this time as it was also decorated for Christmas which means a treat for your eyes around each corner and Christmas music filled the air!  Oh yes, Christmas!!


IMG_3087With Toontown closed to create the new Fantasyland Expansion, many of the characters have been relocated to the front of the park.  We decided to meet some of them early in the day so that we could spend the rest of our time enjoying the rides, shows and parade.

IMG_3121The last time we were at Disney we missed meeting Daisy Duck so she was first on our wish list of characters to see.  Once again Hannah was literally jumping with excitement as we waited in line but was a little star struck when Daisy was right beside her. 





IMG_3092Pinocchio was also there so we took a moment to meet him too.













After this we headed inside to meet some precious princesses and Mickey too!  This pic makes me laugh as it was taken just as we entered the royal room where the princesses were waiting to greet us.  As you enter there is a roped area where the queue is formed.  We entered the room and before I realized what was happening Hannah was under the rope and running as fast as she could to greet Belle and Cinderella who were waiting to greet the little princes and princesses!  They bent down and spoke with her and then waved good-bye as she came back to me.  Oh how I love the spontaneity and excitement of being two!!  IMG_3093

Soon it was Hannah’s turn to meet each of the princesses and this time she was excited to show them the pictures she had from our trip last November.  What a difference a year makes!

Princess Aurora

DSC_5773bIMG_3103 - Copy


DSC_5772 - CopyIMG_3109 - Copy



After the princesses we used Fastpasses to visit Mickey Mouse.  While we were waiting to go in Hannah asked where Minnie was.  You should have seen her smile when she looked in and saw both Mickey and Minnie waiting to greet her!!




Next it was time for rides, shows and a parade!  Spinning teacups.IMG_3143

Carousel IMG_3185




Getting ready for Mickey’s PhilharMagicIMG_3201

We went on ‘it’s a small world’ and I had to take a pic of this.  Whenever Hannah sees these little people on the swings she looks at me and says with great concern and a furrowed brow, ‘Dey should sit down Mommy!’  Heh!IMG_3179

Relaxing with GrandmaIMG_3153

Surprised by Stitch!  We were standing discussing where to go next and how to plan for Hannah’s nap when I felt this warm hand in the middle of my back.  I looked beside me and was shocked to see Stitch standing there!  He asked Hannah for a High 5 which she happily gave him and then went back to the kiddos in line.  Little surprise moments like this are fun!IMG_3167

Sharing her drink with Minnie MouseIMG_3157

As we were leaving the park the festivities for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party were just getting started and it was snowing on Main Street!  Hannah was excited to see the snow and did her best to catch it before it hit the ground.IMG_3218

Our first day at Disney was a huge success and the 3 of us shared a wonderful day together!  What fun it was to be in the Magic Kingdom with my Mom and Hannah!IMG_3135


  1. Love the photos! and you're right - what a difference a year makes. Such a fun age she is!

  2. Too bad you weren't there a couple of weeks earlier! We could have met :) Enjoy!

  3. Too bad you weren't there a couple of weeks earlier! We could have met :) Enjoy!

  4. Such a great time! I love seeing her reactions now vs. then. SO much more into it.

    Keep smilin!

    P.S. My word verification is "mouse" Hee hee!!!

  5. Great moments captured, Catherine! She looks so happy!!! (you both do) :o)

  6. Oh gooooodness!! Jenny is just ooooing and awwwwwing right now! Our girls could go crazy together at Disney! :) Love all the pictures!

  7. Such fun! Little Miss Hannah looks right at home in the Magic Kingdom. I feel certain that it will soon become her home away from home!

  8. What a great trip! I love her comment on it's a small world about needing to sit down. Such a sweet smart little girl!


  9. Sweet, sweet, sweet. We will be there ourselves in a few weeks and I'm so looking forward to the time away. It has been almost 3 years since we first took Jammer to me the main mouse and this will be Sunshine's initial experience. She is just starting to get into the princesses so I can't wait to see her reaction to meeting them in person.

  10. Such fun pictures! I envision Chick wanting to ride that carousel all day!! Fine by me!

  11. What a great day! Just seeing Hannah on the tea cups makes my stomach roll. Just can't do the spinny rides anymore.


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