Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She Melts Me!!!

It’s 12:15am Tuesday morning and I was sitting here working on one of our Disney blog posts from our visit last week.

Hannah just woke up moments ago and called out to me.  I went up to her reassuring her as I climbed the stairs that I was on the way.  Often when she wakes before I go to bed it’s because she needs help putting her blankets back on. 

When I got there my little princess was sitting up in bed so I scooped her up for some cuddles.  She snuggled into me and put her sweet sleepy head on my shoulder.  I asked her if she needed her blankets back on and she nodded yes.  I then asked if she needed anything else and once again with her head, nuzzled into my neck, nodded yes. 

I asked her, ‘What do you need sweetie?’

Her answer….’Kisses!’

She has no idea what this does to me.  This little lamb who is the love of my life can melt me with one little word.  Kisses.

I gently covered her sleepy head and face with kisses and laid her back in bed, covered her and off to sleep she went.  Could life get any better?

In the past few months Hannah has become so demonstrative with her affection and with her words.  Some mornings I’ll wake to her pulling the covers up over my shoulders just like I do for her.

Some nights I’ll be sleeping and wake to her whispering, ‘I love you so much’ and placing a gentle little kiss on my cheek.

Love….in the form of a 2yo angel who I have the privilege of calling my daughter!!  SO BLESSED!!!


  1. OH!! What a sweetie! Chloe called out from bed tonight when she heard me sneeze and said "mama...tissue"
    2 is the best so far!

  2. Such a precious treasure and a blessing she is. We too have one that does some of those things and it just melts me when she does.
    Can't wait to see the Disney posts.

  3. What a precious girl! Such a loving and special bond.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Love those moments. You are so very blessed my friend.

  5. So sweet! She loves her Mama! Hugs, kisses and sweet words are so special (and means they are growing up!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Sweet, sweet love. Like I said to you on the weekend, I am LOVING this age of communication. It's the best!

  7. This is so wonderful to hear! I remember reading your posts before your referral and praying fo you and your future little one. What a blessing to hear her precious heart now that you have been together these past years. I take for granted that God hears my prayers, but it is wonderful to see His heart growing in Miss Hannah. :)

  8. I can see why you would melt!! How wonderful that you have each other!


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