Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Precious Moments

Saturday evening we were out for a final shopping trip before flying home the following day.  The evening was a little cool but the draw of the cart over the van just meant we wore our jackets and bundled up with blankets for the return trip to the house.IMG_3439 copy

As we were preparing to pull out of our parking spot an ambulance with lights flashing and sirens blaring drove by.  From behind me I heard the sweetest little voice say, ‘Pway Mommy.’  I looked back to see her snuggled into Papa’s lap (much like the pic above) but this time with her little fingers interwoven and head bowed, ready to pray. 

We took a moment to pray for both the person who needed help and those that were rushing to provide it.  We’ve done this sometimes in the car as an ambulance has rushed by us or we’ve passed an accident scene.  That night it was Hannah who reminded me that it was a time to put others before ourselves and pray for them.

‘…and a little child will lead them.’

Isaiah 11:6b


  1. SO precious indeed! Love seeing pictures of your girl! what a treasure!


  2. A precious moment from a precious little love.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Thanks for your support and encouragement. It means alot to me. Have a good day friend.


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