Monday, November 21, 2011

Praying She’s Turned the Corner

My sweet little girl has been one sick ‘baby’ for the past few days.  It hurts me to see her in pain! 

She began with a slight fever Thursday evening and throughout the day Friday.  Friday night was a little rough but meds were keeping the fever down.  Because Hannah’s history with fevers = ear infections I took her to urgent care Friday night.  The doctor said her ears were a little plugged but it was not an infection and she was fine unless her fever continued.

Saturday she was her normal happy self in the morning so we headed out to gymnastics then went to a local Santa Claus parade.  She napped in the afternoon and woke up a little bit ‘rough’ but that's not unusual after a nap so we continued on with plans to meet my brother and SIL to go to another parade.  We bundled up and Hannah had lots of fun dancing to the music and waving at the people in the parade.

Once we got into the car…she lost it!  Poor sweetie!  At the time I didn’t realize how poorly she had been feeling or I never would have taken her.  There were many tears as we waited for traffic to move and eventually she fell asleep.  Once home I took her temp and it was up again so I topped up her meds and settled her in bed.  She remained asleep but woke up within about 20 mins and needed comforting.  By then I knew that Sunday would be a day at home so I cancelled my nursery commitment and lunch with Nana and Papa.

Saturday night was rough!  Hannah woke often and I had to keep her meds up to control her fever. 

Sunday morning I was so thankful that I’d decided we’d stay home.  My feverish baby was struggling and my happy-go-lucky gal was cranky.  Understandable for sure.  Auntie K offered to come over with Pea so that I could run out and get a few groceries.  While my first thought was to say, ‘no thank you’ I realized now was one of those really good times for me to accept that gift of help that was being offered.  I told her yes and they came by for a wonderful playtime!  Hannah had a great time with Auntie K and Pea and I was able to buy our weekly groceries and stuff to make some chicken soup.  It felt weird to be at the store without her but I was also able to get a lot done in a much shorter amount of time.  As I went through the store I looked into the cart and laughed.  All the groceries were in the lower part because I’m used to the items in the top being fair game for my co-pilot.  I also realized towards the end that I’d filled one side of the seat with groceries but the spot where Hannah normally sits was totally empty.  Yes, it was great to take an hour to do groceries on my own but I missed my gal and was excited to get home to her. 

After lunch I tried to put her down for her nap but she was out of sorts and it was easy to see that even though her meds were up to date she was in pain.  She kept telling me her teeth hurt but I’m wondering if it’s a sore throat and she just doesn’t know how to explain to me where the pain is.  I decided a trip back to urgent care was in order once again.  (So thankful for free medical coverage!!)  We saw a different doctor this time and in the 36 hours since our last visit her congested ears had turned into a double ear infection.  Poor little love!!  No wonder she was having such a rough time!  She began a course of antibiotics for the next 10 days and truth be told, I was really hoping I would see improvements even overnight.

Unfortunately the opposite happened.  As on Saturday night, she slept fitfully and woke numerous times during the night crying and needing comfort and telling me her teeth hurt.  My normally awesome sleeper was fitful and restless.  I knew by very early in the morning that Hannah needed a day at home with Mommy on Monday. 

I woke up and emailed the 3 people I report to at work sharing a bit of what Hannah was going through and that I was going to stay home with her for the day.  Can I just say that they were amazing!  All 3 of them took the time to write back to tell me they were praying for/thinking of Hannah and telling me I was exactly where I needed to be.  What a blessing it is to work in a job that I love and also with great co-workers and supervisors!

Today was a-w-f-u-l for Hannah!  AWFUL!!!  I have never seem my little love so sick!  Yesterday was bad but today was terrible!  She had no voice and whenever she coughed or sneezed she burst into tears as the pain was so bad.  Oh how it hurt me to see her hurting so!  I now wonder if it could be her sinuses that are hurting her?  We spent the day together, much of it cuddled together on the couch as she just wanted to be held. 

Cuddling with her ‘Stacy blankie.’  A gift from a dear friend.DSC_9366There was no other place I wanted to be either!  (That being said, I’ve seen about as much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as I care to for a while.  Thankfully I had a couple of Tinker Bell movies on the PVR that neither of us had seen and we enjoyed those together.)

Her nap this afternoon was all but non-existent so I decided on a whim to take her to our family doctor.  (You know it’s on a whim when I left the house with no make-up on and having not showered in ummm…4 days!  Sick kiddos will do that to you.)  Our doctor and nurse are amazing and the moment I showed up in their office they took us in.  Dr. Fitz reaffirmed that she did have a double ear infection and also that the antibiotics she’s on should do the trick.  That works for me.  There’s just something comforting about hearing the exact same thing from our family doctor.

Hannah finally napped on my lap from about 4:00 – 5:30 and then woke up asking to go to bed.  I know Hannah is sick when the past 2 days she has been asking over and over again to go to bed from 5:30 onwards!  That’s not my gal!   Both nights I stretched things out by giving her a bath and tonight she was distracted from how she was feeling by glow sticks in the tub

I put her to bed at her normal time of 8:00 but tonight was different.  Even though she was still in pain and needed meds for that, she didn’t have a fever!  For the first time since Thursday night she didn’t have a fever when her meds wore off!  She’s been awake and needed snuggles 4 times so far tonight but she’s been cool to the touch each time.  Thank you Lord! 

So, I’m hoping that she’s turned a corner and is on the mend.  Those who have known she’s been sick have been praying.  Thank you!  There is nothing like knowing others are lifting your sick child before The Great Physician!

I’ll see how tonight goes and decide in the morning if I’ll stay home again or take her to daycare.  Ange is amazing and their family has been fighting the same battle this weekend.  Poor Noah and Hannah!

Must run….my lovey needs more cuddles so I’m going to call it a night.

Thank you for praying


  1. So sorry to hear how sick she has been! Glad to hear she is on the mend! Hope you both get some sleep!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. Oh Catherine I am so sorry. Sorry for Hannah that she is so poorly and sorry that your Mama heart is going through this. Huge get well wishes coming Hannahs way.
    How wondeful to have Auntie K and Pea so close.

  3. oh, poor hannah...i'm so sorry she has been so sick. it is pitiful to watch and i know it breaks your heart. i think you are correct about her sinuses hurting. my teeth have hurt so bad from a sinus infection that i have thought i need to go to the dentist. most likely what is going on with her. praying she continues to get better.

  4. So sad for your sweet girl, but thrilled that she has an amazing Mama who trusts her gut instinct and does what is best for Hannah. You are wonderful!
    Hope that today is a much better day for your sweet, beautiful girl!
    Pea and I LOVED spending time with her and any time you need a babysitter, you can call on us!

  5. Poor, Hannah. It's noooo fun being sick, not even as an adult. Charlotte has been sick as well, as I have been too. On top of a fever that comes and goes, Charlotte's hives are back. I feel so badly for my little precious--one day last week at nursery school, Charlotte stood off to the side of the room and scratched herself feverishly while watching all the other children having fun. She eventually put on her winter coat for comfort and sat under a table, removing herself from everyone else. She eventually joined the group and her spirits lifted. My heart pains me when I see our little beauties in so much pain--I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away.

    We're sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    We'll be in touch soon to set up a playdate, once our little ones are feeling better.

  6. Oh, I hope she feels better! I 'm glad she wasn't sick for the trip. She's such a sweetie!

  7. Oh, poor little Hannah...glad she is on the mend. And what a blessing to have such a wonderful group of people to work with and for! :o)

  8. Poor sweet girl. I really hope she is better today. There is nothing more stressful than when our littles are sick.

    I love that the blanket is a comfort. Hugs and prayers to you both.

  9. Awww poor Hannah! Hope she's feeling better soon. Lauren was prone to ear infections, and quite often if i took her in and her ears were looking suspicious but not infected I asked the doc for a prescription just in cases her fever spiked...letting me know that she had a full blown infection. Saved me the trouble of going back to urgent care again!

    and PS i have your box! I'm happy to drop it by for you. Let me know !

  10. I am so glad the fever is gone and Hannah is on the mend.

  11. Oh Catherine! I feel so bad! I was so overwhelmed when we got back from our Thanksgiving trip that I marked all posts as read in my blog reader and HELLOOOOO look what I missed! I will never do that again! Ugg!

    I'm so glad your sweet Hannah is on the mend. Jenny has been sick for over a week now and I'm hopeful it doesn't get much worse. Hugs and prayers for both of you my friend. Love you!!

  12. Whenever I have a sinus infection, my upper teeth KILL me! I bet you were right and that is what she had along with her ears. How miserable! So glad she is on antibiotics.


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