Friday, November 18, 2011

Cape May Cafe–A New Dining Experience for Us

And one that we will repeat for sure!!  The Cape May Cafe is located in the Beach Club Resort which is absolutely gorgeous! 


IMG_3232Mom, Hannah and I headed there for an early breakfast before our day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

My friend Kristy gave me this adorable little Minnie Mouse outfit for Hannah at a shower just 2 days before I received her referral.  It was so cute and although I took it with us to Disney in August I just couldn’t put it on her as the weather was so hot and I kept her in cotton clothing as much as possible.  This time it was different as it was a beautiful day in the high 70’s and she was excited to wear the pink dress with adorable white bloomers!IMG_3228


I’ve done a lot of character meals over the years and this one was wonderfully different in that it had a calmer, quieter mood to it.  Even though we were seated right beside the buffet we never felt crowded or out in the open.  I would highly recommend this character meal to everyone!

One treat for Hannah was that she was able to try her very first hot chocolate ever and oh boy was it a huge hit!IMG_3255


As we dined we were joined by 3 of Hannah’s clubhouse pals dressed appropriately for a day at the beach!  First to visit our table was Donald Duck and Hannah was all set for him!  I love to watch her little reaction and excited smile at the end of the video and this was typical of her reaction whenever a character came by.


Goofin’ with GoofyIMG_3260

Hannah thought Goofy was really funny when he pretended to eat her head!IMG_3245

Minnie…meet Minnie!IMG_3248


We enjoyed our time at Cape May Cafe and will return again someday, especially since it’s just a short walk from the resort to Epcot.  But for this visit it was time for a quick change for Hannah then a swing by Pop Century to pick up Nana and Papa for our day at the Studios!


  1. I am really enjoying reading about your trips to Disney. We love Cape May, I will have to put it on our list for next year, as I'd forgotten how much fun we had there.

  2. Ahhh, my most FAVORITE Disney Hotel and our most favorite dinner buffet, too! When our older 3 were little, Bill worked for a year and a half in Tampa, while we lived in another state. Many, many weekends, instead of Bill flying home, we would meet him at Disney and this was our most favorite spot! What a bonus that it's such an easy stroll to Epcot, and the pool is such fun! Such fun to see Hannah in my favorite spot!

  3. Just love the way she folds her arms & smiles with that cute little nod!!!

  4. We are going to Disney at Christmas and I've just booked this breakfast. First time for my toddlers, they are going to be so excited. Thanks for the recommendation.


  5. Hannah is so cute, that pic of her and Goofy is hysterical!
    I was in The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios 2 weeks ago, it was just as magical as I had remembered (thanks for your Disney tips, I used some of them!).
    The Christmas decorations weren't fully up when I was there so you're lucky you got to see them! They look amazing.

  6. Very cute piccies, looks like fun times.

  7. How awesome! So jealous. Love her darling dress. Glad the trip has been great.

  8. So fun!! I wonder how Chick and Pea would feel about Goofy eating their heads. I'm guessing they wouldn't find it quite as funny as Hannah found it. :)

  9. What fun! I always recall our Disney breakfast and all the fun it was.

    Miss D has that same outfit...we should pair them up next time for a double cute picture!!

    Keep smilin!

  10. Love the smile that Hannah has when Donald comes by.


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