Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Last night after having our Christmas card pictures taken I decided to take advantage of Hannah being dressed up and we drove to a local mall to visit with Santa!
So far every time Hannah has seen Santa this year he has been in a ‘paw-wade’ so I wanted to prepare her a bit that he would be visiting with her rather than just waving from a float.  I captured this quick bit of adorable video while she was in the car.  Truly, her sweet, wonderful, precious personality is contagious and I can’t help but smile every time I hear her sweet voice!  She was so excited and just wanted to wrap this up so that she could get on with the fun of visiting with Santa!
I love that this year the two things she consistently says she’s going to ask Santa for are ‘underpamtsl (heh!!) and clothes.  In particular, pyjamas.  She says hers are too small.  I guess the 3T’s I had her in last week were a little on the snug side so the new 4T’s are fitting the bill.  And yet, she would like more.  Oh, if only her wish lists would remain so simple and unselfish in the future!
Our mall has a wonderful area for visiting Santa and they’ve made an effort to make the waiting area as child friendly as possible.  There are games, colouring sheets and a TV playing Christmas movies.  The time flies by for the kiddos as they wait which in turn means it flies by for mommy too!  IMG_3558Another bonus is that the free(!) pictures and video are emailed to you the moment you complete your visit with Santa.  It doesn’t get better than that! 
Hello big guy!IMG_3564
Hannah was excited about being able to talk to Santa although whenever I asked her if she wanted me to go with her or if she wanted to sit on his lap alone she always said she wanted mommy with her.  I was happy to do that so went prepared with that plan.  When it was our turn I went in and put down our coats and my purse and when I looked up this was what I saw!Very Merry Visit 2
She was a little hesitant but had easily walked up to Santa all by herself and allowed him to pick her up.  She didn’t talk to him when she was on her own but I was still so pleased that she was comfortable visiting with him!  Way to go Hannah!!  Here’s the video they captured of Hannah’s visit with Santa.
A final pic with all of us together!  Very Merry Visit 3
Christmas celebrations and preparations are in full swing for Hannah and I!  I hope you’re enjoying the season too while still remembering the true Reason for the Season.


  1. Hannah's outfit is beautiful and she looks just adorable.

  2. Catherine,

    What precious pictures of you and your sweetie with Sanda...Merry Christmas to you both:)


  3. Yeah Santa!!! The girls have a minimum day today, so I'm going to see if they want to take a trip to the mall to see him. Should be deserted in the middle of the day (fingers crossed). My mom also said that Macy's has a big tree with Asian ornaments, so we'll take a stroll over there to see if they have anything fun the girls can pick out.

    I just went through the girls' closet and have a bag of cute things for Hannah, by the way.

    Merry Christmas! (Oh, where did Chippey end up today? Our was taking a little nap in the Kleenex box, with a tissue pillow and tissue blanket. Hee.)

  4. Nothing like a visit with Santa! So glad to see Hannah all healthy again!

  5. What a wonderful memory. And wow, free! That's wonderful also. Elaine

  6. Love that picture of the three of you! Beautiful girls!! Enjoy the holidays my friend.

  7. so perfect! I Love the holidays with kids!!


  8. I love the outfit that Hannah had on and her picture with Santa is great!

    I do wonder how long it will be until her wish list is much much longer!


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