Friday, November 19, 2010

Dining with Royalty

Back to the fun FL posts….

Wednesday morning (Nov 10) dawned warm and sunny once again and we were off to a very important breakfast.  Princess Hannah and her Royal Subjects had been invited to dine with the other Princesses in Norway! 

When Princess Hannah was called to enter the dining hall she was met by the beautiful Belle wearing her formal golden gown.  Mommy was excited but Princess Hannah wasn’t too sure what to make of all that was happening.  She preferred to peek at the princess over her shoulder while grabbing hold of a fist of mommy’s t-shirt just to ensure that she wasn’t going anywhere! Heh...I think she may even be giving Belle the stink eye!DSC_5772

Upon being guided to our table and filling our plates with yummy, delicious fruit, pastries and breakfast food fit for a….princess, it was time to pose with the other Princesses who came to see us.

Princess Aurora smiled while Hannah pretended she wasn’t there. DSC_5773b

Cinderella was even there which was a wonderful surprise as she normally is busy elsewhere.  I think Hannah might have been warming up slightly to all that was going on as in this pic I’m pretty sure she was sharing her half eaten cheese with Cinderella.  Nothing says friendship more than sharing partially eaten food! DSC_5774b

LOL!  Check out all the flashes from the Grandpas-ratzi!  :o)

We had met Snow White the day before in the Magic Kingdom so this time Hannah was a little more accepting of her.  Snow White on the other hand was thrilled to see Hannah again and commented on her beautiful bows!


The final princess to grace our table was Aerial.  Still no smiles from Hannah but once all the princesses had moved on to visit with other Royal Subjects, she was happy to look at them and appreciate them from afar. DSC_5776b

The food was delicious and it was fun to meet so many princesses so we will go back and enjoy this breakfast again in the future. For now, Princess Hannah was just happy to enjoy her brekkie without having to pose for any more pics.  :o)  Having a mama and 4 grandparents all wielding cameras can be a little much for any Princess!  

I think Hannah’s favourite part of the morning was dancing in her high chair as the Princesses paraded through the restaurant with the children behind them.  Oh how cute it will be someday when she chooses to join in the parade!   For now, it was dancing at our table for all of us to enjoy and we loved it!

Breakfast with the Princesses.  A perfect way to start the day at Epcot!


  1. I would SO love to have the chance to take Charla to see the princesses! She is ALL about the princesses here now! She thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures and movies this morning!! Christmas is going to be VERY easy shopping for her this year!!

    These videos and pictures of Hannah totally remind me of our trip south this summer to meet Carys' birth family. She looks so scared and sad in every picture we took on those visits with her birth family! She's clutching to me in so many of them as well. Every other person in the pictures are totally happy and excited and she is totally not! My favorite pictures of the weekend was the ones I caught of her with them where you can't see her face! lol Uncertainty is so easy to read in a childs little face hey???

  2. I love some of the 'eyes' that Hannah is giving the princesses!

  3. Before you know it she will be a true princess fanatic.

  4. Awwww, I love seeing Hannah with the princesses! We joined the princesses for lunch (I just did a post). I love how she danced to the music - precious!!!!


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