Monday, November 07, 2011

Checkin’ In From The Villages

Early, early Saturday morning Hannah and I, along with Nana and Papa boarded a plane; destination:  Florida!IMG_2950


Even though we’re not Disney bound until Wed (for a quick 2 day visit with the mouse) Hannah was quick to see her little pal in the airport.IMG_2954

My parents drove down last week as they’re here for the month so Grandma and Grandpa picked us up at the airport.  We spent a fun day hanging out at their house and taking the golf cart for a spin.  It’s fun to bip around The Villages in our golf cart and enjoy the warmer weather rather than being inside a car all the time.  Hannah spent some time with Grandma, Grandpa and Papa while Sharon and I went to see ‘Courageous’ at the show.  It was a great movie and I’d highly recommend it to all parents!

Saturday night the time changed but Hannah’s little internal clock didn’t! Smile  She was up and ready to go at 5:30am!  Thankfully the house is really soundproof so we hung out in our room and played until about 6:30 when we went out on a little adventure!  We hopped into the golf cart and drove to Panera Bread.  Yummo!  IMG_2959I wish we had more of these in Canada as the closest one is about 45 mins. away.  (Joy, we need to book a return trip when you’re feeling up to it!) 

A bit of cookie for breakfast when you’re on holiday never hurt anyone!  Hannah tried the orange pumpkin cookie and said it was delicious!


By the looks of this picture the rest of The Villages didn’t have any problem adjusting to the time change!IMG_2963

We went to a quaint little church and Hannah did really well going to Sunday School.  Yay Hannah! As we’re in a retirement area it was no surprise that she was the only little in the nursery and had 3 wonderful ladies caring for her.  They said she was her normal chatty self and even told them that she lived in Canada!  I didn’t even know that she knew that.  After church she posed by this Hannah sized palm tree to take a pic for Auntie Deb!IMG_2970

Walking with Uncle Paul on her way to lunch.  I can’t believe how grown up she looks in this pic!  We bought her some clothes while we’ve been down here and some have been size 4 to accommodate her beautiful long legs.  Yikes!  Size 4 already?!!IMG_2971

We enjoyed lunch together after church.   Dad’s brother Paul and his wife Louise are staying at a house here too so it’s a great time for us to see them too! IMG_2974

We went to one of the town squares in the afternoon and wandered around a craft sale there.  It rained for a bit so we grabbed a coffee but then the sun came back out so we went back into the wonderful sun.  IMG_2976

We spent a quiet evening at home just enjoying being together.  Tomorrow is a trip to Daytona Beach to meet up with the wonderful friends we saw last year!   More fun times ahead!


  1. Ms. Hannah is just adorable!! Wow a size 4!!! Jadalyn is still wering 18 months....and she will be 3 in Jan!!

  2. The Villages look so charming! I wish I were there bipping around in a golf cart! We have snow here. Boo hoo! Have a great trip!

  3. Do you ever sit still woman! So glad you are enjoying yourselves!! Say HI to Mickey for us!


  4. Sounds like a weeks worth of adventures packed into 2 days! Glad you both are enjoying yourselves so much. Owen and Noah would like you to say 'hi' to Disney for them ;)

    See you both next week!

  5. What a fun post! Have a great trip! You and Hannah make me smile!

  6. Wow! A trip to Florida--Hannah is a lucky little munchkin. She looks so grown-up these days. A size 4 already--wow, she's really growing. Charlotte is still wearing size 2, but I think she's going to quickly race through to size 3 very soon. Charlotte got her banges cut again at Melonheads (thanks again for introducing us to it) and now she looks even more grown up.
    Give us a call when you're home and settled and we'll make plans for a playdate for the girls (and moms). Have a wonderful time with your family and friends and the Disney family as well.

  7. I love your Blog and have been following for years. Hannah is so adorable!! My parents live in the Villages and so your pictures there look so familiar. A fabulous place to visit. I know our precious daughter from China loves going there as well as all the Retired people just love children! Have a fabulous time visiting the Mouse!

  8. What a fun holiday you and Hannah are having! It looks beautiful down there. I cannot believe Hannah is in a FOUR! She's bigger than Kate, who will be 5 in March. :)

  9. Sophie is in a size 4 too! She'll also be 3 in February, so they are on the same track it seems. Sophie's torso is what is so long, so we had to move up a size in shirts before pants, although she's in a 4T in pants now as well. I even have a few size 5T shirts that aren't that big on her. A couple of girls from my travel group that are the same age as Sophie and Hannah are still in 18-24 month stuff. Sophie and Hannah are definitely going to be on the taller side. :)


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