Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'Cafrin....Why you take Ro's Kittycat boots???'

That was the question that was posed to me by an adorable little 3yo voice on the phone a few weeks back. The phone had rung and the call display showed me it was my wonderful friend in CA. Yay! It's always great to chat with M3 on the phone and catch up but this was not to be initially. No, it was not M3 calling (she was too busy laughing hysterically in the background) and in turn I was being grilled by a 3yo about the whereabouts of her sister's kitty catboots! And oh boy...this little girl was not backing down easily!!

Let's go back to February's visit when M3 mentioned she had a bucket in the garage of things she had put aside for Hannah. Inside it were the adorable Easter dresses from the year before, shoes, clothes, oh so cute bathing suits and....'the' pink kittycat boots! At the time the girls showed a little concern for the boots but when we explained they were too small for them they were appeased....or so we thought!!

Earlier this year M3 started Fashion Friday's and often one of the girls would choose to wear the green froggy boots that coordinated with the pink ones and oh the guilt I would feel!! Seeing their adorable outfits minus the boots that I knew were tucked away for Hannah made me cringe. I asked a few times about mailing them back but since M3 and I were both convinced that they no longer fit we decided they'd stay with me. That was before the phone call and surprise trip so you know it...the very first thing in the suitcase were those pink boots!!

Oh the glee when Ro found her boots had returned! She put them on (yes, the size was mismarked and they fit just fine) danced around and basically has worn them most of the time since.

M3 and I attempted to take a video of the girls telling us the kitty boot story but the first one was cut short when Ro decided that the sandbox of sand in the bottom of her boot was just a little too uncomfortable to continue. M3 say's I've got the mommy voice down already when you hear my, 'Oh great!'

The 2nd attempt was more successful. Here's the girls understanding of the travels of the pink kitty boots:

And if you think the guilt is over...umm, nope! Did you catch Ree's comment towards the end of the video? She now wants to follow up on the bathing suits that also headed home last trip. Even today at the park Ree said we were flying to Canada to find the missing bathing suits! Oye vey!!


  1. Toooooo CUTE...
    they are soooo smart.. you better watch out...
    Have fun..looks like you are..

  2. Glad to hear that those twins are keeping you busy!!


  3. They are too adorable for words!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Well, by the sound of things those girls will be installing locks on their closets!!!! Too many things are going missing..."Cafrin"!!!!

    Sooo cute!
    Looking forward to the next update!
    PS. Answering your e-mail shortly!

  5. Oh. My. Word. !!! I followed one of the "You might also like this" links from today's post (9/3/2012) to this one and nearly peed my pants laughing. Can you send me these two videos when you get back home? Too dang funny. I had forgotten all about the sand and the "Oh great!" and the way Ree called you on the bathing suits too. Hugs, my friend.


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