Friday, March 19, 2010

A Whole New World!

Hannah's confidence is growing and it is wonderful to see her beginning to feel more confident and exploring her little world. Until the past couple of weeks she never ventured more than a few feet from me.

At first when her confidence grew she'd go around the corner of the couch but peek often to ensure that mommy was still where she left her. Also, at music class she would crawl about 5' away to play with the little shaker eggs. This distance was a big move for my little girl!

Next she would venture down the hall to check out the goings on down there.

This week we have been on a mini vacation and spending time with family and friends. It was neat to see her relax as we spent time in different homes and after a few hours she would cautiously venture into adjoining rooms but then always check back to make sure mommy was just where she left her.

I love that Hannah is learning, growing and doing so well with attachment. We're still very close and I still am very aware of doing all I can to assist with her bonding and attachment. I continue to 'wear' her almost every single day and both of us love this time. Sometimes it's around the house and other times it's when we're out for a walk or shopping but it's almost a daily occurrence. I've also come to realize that when she's having a tough time and 'out of sorts' it's time to 'wear' her for a while and she settles within seconds.

I also continue to be her primary caregiver for feeding, changing and comforting. Occasionally someone will give her a little bite of food but all bottles are given by myself, meals fed by myself and I also get the joy of changing all those diapers....and I wouldn't have it any other way!! Some may not understand but many in the adoption world do. Also, most who may not really understand or even agree with what I'm doing still support that I'm doing what is best for my child and I am so thankful for that!

Hannah and I are a family and I am forever blessed to have her in my life! I still look at her on a daily basis and think, 'Wow! She's actually mine!!' God has blessed me beyond measure and I am forever thankful to Him!


  1. I am constantly amazed at how perfect you two look together.

  2. I am so happy for you..You look absolutly wonderful and Hannah is just adorable:)
    How long do you have off of work..I hate to ask this but as a mom who went back and then quit it is HARD leaving them:(

  3. I was surprised at your comment that some people may not agree with what you are doing. It seems to me that anyone who understood babies and their development would be foolish for not saluting what you are doing on behalf of your child.

  4. I love it. When she was here too, I noticed that she would venture off a bit but always looking back to make sure Mommy was close by . . . just in case! It's great how you can "read" her and know exactly what to do to foster that attachment.


  5. Hi Catherine,

    Hannah seems amazing! We just received a profile for a little boy and watching your adventure makes us even more excited then we already are.

    How did you add the ticker on your blog? I have been trying but have not been able to figure it out.

  6. What you are doing is the most important thing in the world for Hannah and I am so glad that you have the support from family and friends even those that don't quite get it.
    I actually pushed my way into the the dentist chair the other day when a hygienist thought she knew better than me and decided Rosie should sit alone in the chair.

  7. I love that you are loving your life right now. Things are amazing and with your baby girl by your side, nothing is out of reach. <3


    You two are so beautiful together! If everyone loved their child as you do Hannah, the world would be a much better place!

    Miss Lila
    Atlanta, GA.


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