Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fountain Hair....Baby Style!!

I've seen pictures of myself as a baby and toddler with 'fountain hair' and I must say, it was pretty cute.

This week I decided to give it a try with Hannah's hair and it worked!! Well, at least for 10 seconds until she found the little Velcro bows and pulled them out. You'll see in the '2 fountain' pic that I couldn't even grab my camera fast enough to take a proper picture before it was out! Heh!

Here was my first attempt at one fountain...

and two!

I took Hannah to have her Passport picture taken on Wednesday and put a fountain in her hair but we had to take it out due to passport picture rules. Too bad! It would have been fun to have that cute little look on her passport.

The bows were made for Hannah by my friend Kathy. Check out her great stuff here at Kathy's Bows*! I just looked again and she has some really neat Disney Princess bows. Uh oh! Might need to look at those further as you know Hannah will be a Disney girl!

*Kathy has said that anyone placing an order after visiting here just needs to mention that you came ftom 'Catherine's Chatter' and you'll receive 10% off your entire order! Hop on over!


  1. She is - as always - cute as a button...or bow!!

  2. All three of my girls have had the wispy hair as babies (note that my only son had Elvis hair from birth)...Wal-Mart has those little tiny bands (in the baby department) you can put in their hair and then add the bow...helps it stay in and gets them used to the feel of something in the hair. I just break them to get them out and throw them get a kazillion in a package. I must admit that I also have used orthodontic bands. They're a little harder to get in, but they work great with a small amount of hair. I am a huge fan of "fountain hair". Caroline wears hers that way almost every day! I think Hannah looks adorable with it! Now I'm off to check out bows...

  3. So cute I can't stand it!

    When I started putting baseball hats on AJ (now starting with Alan too) they wouldn't stay on for more then 5 seconds. But after a while the time increased a little every few days until they were old news and he left the hat on. Hopefully that will be the case with Hannah and her bow too. I sure hope to see more "fountains". Those pictures sure make me smile!


  4. Cute stuff!! I can't wait to do that with Jennifer's hair!

  5. Simply adorable!! She gets cuter each time I see her and the fountain hair - Cute, cute!!
    I agree with Cindy M to use those tiny little bands. I use them on Chani all the time and they really do help to hold the bow into place. Thanks so much for the plug. Anyone who mentions that they came from your site will receive 10% off their entire purchase!!

  6. you just need to get those little tiny rubber bands like the ones an orthodontist uses, and put her pony tails in those-- she will have a lot harder time pulling them out,and after a while will forget they are there!Hooray for fountain hair! I LOVE it.

  7. I also had trouble keeping Tommy's baseball cap on initially. It didn't stay on for more than a few seconds before he'd pull it off. After a few days though he seemed comfortable wearing it already. Maybe it's just a matter of time before Hannah would get used to her cute bows, too.

    She's the cutest, Catherine. :)

  8. That's just about the cutest thing ever!!

  9. So sweet. Love your story. Come visit our site called goodkin, which is all about parents creating their dream families. There is a great story today about a woman who adopted from China and Ethiopia.

  10. Oh Catherine, how I do look forward to seeing that precious little face. I can only imagine what it must be like to be able to see it all day long! I love the interaction between you two. You were so made for one another! I'm SURE our Lord had something to do it.
    Love and prayers to you and Hannah,
    Miss Lila & grandgirls, Ilana Rose and Sadie


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