Monday, March 08, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Hannah and I headed into Toronto today to meet up with one of the gals and her daughter whom we travelled to China with. Fun! I enjoy the friendship we share and look forward to the girls getting to know one another better too as they grow.

As Hannah and I drove to The Beaches it was a walk down memory lane for me and tears threatened to fill my eyes. The last time I was here was August 29th and we were just blocks away today from the home where I was presented with Hannah's proposal and where I saw her face for the very first time!!! It gave me goosebumps to be back in that area again and the memories came over me in waves of excitement!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day and we spent most of it outside. We were originally going to meet at a mall but Leslie emailed early in the day and suggested this change in plans and I jumped at the chance of being outside rather than inside! Check it out! It's March 8th and we were able to eat outside! What a rare treat that was. The weather for the past few days and the next few to come is unseasonably warm and everyone is taking advantage of it. Here if it's 55o in March it means some restaurants open up their outdoor patios and that's exactly where we went. The girls enjoyed their lunch together too sharing Cheerios and Goldfish. After lunch and possibly a stop at 'The Nutty Chocolatier' we headed to the park where Hannah enjoyed her very first ride on a swing. It was a huge hit so I'm sure there will be many more trips to parks for us!

The day ended on a stressful note but thankfully it all ended well. As we said good-bye to one another and Hannah and I left the park I noticed that there was lots of parking. My eyes flew up to the sign that said, 'No parking 4pm to 6pm'. Oh no!!! I looked at my watch and quickly realized it was 3:58 and I was in trouble! I began to run and Hannah wondered what her crazy mother was up to this time as her stroller quickly bumped along the sidewalk. We had 5 blocks to cover and this mommy isn't in any sort of shape to run but today was the exception to the rule! You need to know that in Toronto when they say no parking after 4:00 they mean it and have tow trucks ready to begin towing cars! I knew this so as I ran I prayed too. I just wanted my car to be there when I got there and I am so thankful that it was! I quickly put Hannah in the car, threw the stroller in the back and pulled around the corner to catch my breath and properly settle her in her car seat without the bulk of her coat for the 1 hour drive home. As I pulled out of our original parking spot the clock read 4:06 and I saw the City of Toronto truck just in front of me. So thankful that God hears our prayers....even those of a silly woman who payed for lots of parking time but forgot about the rush hour restrictions!


  1. I am laughing as I picture you running to get Hannah and 'stuff' into the car in a hurry!

    Glad to hear that you didn't get a ticket or towed!!

  2. what a perfect day! I'm glad that God answers the prayers of crazy ladies too! Sorry, couldn't resist. :)


  3. Catherine, I'm an sporadic lurker (sorry!) on your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your journey to bringing Hannah home. I found your blog, I think, from a series of links originating with my cousin's blog (they were in the Carmody's travel group...I see they commented above). Just wanted to comment because I thought it was so bizarre that you can see the tree on my front lawn in the picture of Hanna in the swing! Behind her is the back of the 3-story house belonging to my across-the-street neighbour and sprouting above that, those branches belong to me :) Anyway... I'm glad you enjoyed such a beautiful day in The Beaches. Your daughter is adorable and has such sparkling eyes and a friendly, sweet smile. I look forward to reading more about her :)



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