Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sleepy XiaoFen

I am so thankful for my parents and the huge role they continue to play in Hannah's life! Each week my mom babysits her for a couple of hours 2 different evenings while I go down the basement and teach piano. The moment they walk in the front door Hannah's face lights up and she can't crawl to them fast enough!

The last Thursday of each month mom has a commitment so dad comes instead. Hannah sure loves him...and the pen he keeps in his shirt pocket. She takes it out over and over and over again every time he holds her. This week she had fought her afternoon nap and I just wasn't able to get her to sleep. When I was on my way downstairs to teach she was looking pretty comfy and sleepy sitting on Grandpa's knee. Her little hand was held up to her face is a sure sign that she's tired. We call it her sleepy hand as it always goes up to her face before she falls asleep.

This is what I found a short time later. So sweet! I love to see them together!!


  1. Sooo sweet, love the pics! What blessings they are in your life - both Hannah and your parents.

  2. First time to comment, but your blog is such a joyful place to visit. Your daughter is precious and your love for her leaps out from the page. I love coming and seeing the darling pics!! Julie

  3. Awwwww....Aren't grandpas just the BEST!

  4. Your Hannah is out-of-this-world-gorgeous and combined with her Grandpa, its Just.Too.Cute

  5. Such a special relationship between grandparents and their grandkids. I love watching my parents on the floor playing with Daphne.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Such a wonderful time for them! My mom takes care of Jenny once a week for me and that relationship is just beautiful to watch unfold.


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