Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hannah Trying Out Her Piano Fingers

People often comment on Hannah's beautiful, long fingers. We like to call them her piano fingers. Here she is playing Grandma P's piano Sunday afternoon. Such beautiful music when it's being played by my daughter!! I love how little she is on the bench next to the big piano.


  1. I am a photographer and I see a beautiful 16x20 canvas just waiting to happen of her sitting there, looking so tiny, next to that beautiful piano! :) What a cutie!!

  2. Are you going to post anything about her birthday?

  3. What a beautiful instrument! I love little girls with piano fingers. Their hands look so graceful as babies. I hope that Hannah, and my future daughter, will learn to play the piano. It's brought me such joy in my life, not to mention income when I used to teach.

  4. What a cute musical prodigy!!

    Keep smilin!

  5. She'll be filling auditoriums one day!!! Do aunties get special seating? ;o)

  6. She's brilliant!!! But, you know that already. :)

  7. So very sweet! My almost 9 year old loves to play the piano and has been taking lessons since last April. I'm so happy that she loves the piano!!

    Hannah looks so sweet there!!

    I heard a commercial for "roll up to win" and wondered "hmmm, I wonder if Catherine will be doing her best to win this year???" LOL

    Snick :)


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