Monday, March 01, 2010

Blogging Challenges with Kids!

I laughed when my friend Karen sent me this pic. She said this is what happens when she tries to read my blog and her kids notice. They want to look too and watch the videos which means Mommy gets squeezed out.

My challenge is that my little love likes to 'help' me blog by slapping the keyboard and banging the screen. This afternoon she spent the first part of her nap on mommy's lap which caused me to type with 1 hand which is never very productive but did allow me to get a little bit done.

A few weeks ago this was what happened when I took a bit of time to blog while Hannah played at my feet. I could see her and hear what was happening but just laughed when I noticed the amount of paper she had torn up in a short amount of time!

Here's a video taken one night when Hannah woke up and decided to help me blog. Even at 2:30am she's oh so happy!


  1. What in the world are you doing up and blogging at 2:30 in the morning??? You can't still be jet-lagged can you? lol

  2. She is just following her mommy example! Tee hee!

    Daphne LURVES the laptop. All of it...wires, mouse, keyboard!

    Keep smilin!

  3. Hi Catherine,

    I've been lurking around here for months now (since before your trip to China to unite with little Hannah) but rarely comment. Anyway, for this post I decided to delurk because I can oh-so-relate! My little blogging world turned upside down since our little Tommy arrived, too! But I enjoy each moment tremendously. Just as you do. :)

  4. 2:30! She's a lot happier than I would be at that hour. :)

    She has the most beautiful little hands, Catherine. Future pianist for sure.

  5. Truly, Catherine, she does have the most elegant little hands besides possessing such a cheerful disposition. What a magnificent treasure she is!

  6. I finally took time to read some of your entries from over a year ago. While acknowledging the ups and downs, you always deferred to God's timing. How very wise.

    You had to wait - for this precious child to be born - and then come to you in unfailing, divine order.

    It's a beautiful story to follow!

  7. Cute!! Ree just watched this video and said "Mama, Hannah is just like me and like Ro, she doesn't like to go to sleep. I think all kids don't like to go to sleep. Heeheehee."
    Funny, and so true!

    Miss you, and my fault, I know! I need to figure out calendars and book a flight, life has been so busy. We registered the girls for fall Kindergarten yesterday, gak...

  8. The Tongginator adores watching Hannah videos, too. First she was all, "why isn't that me?" but now it's "are you watching that baby from China that we don't really know again? Let me see, too." Ummm... guilty. Heh.


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