Friday, March 19, 2010

More Steps Every Single Day!

These little videos show a little of how Hannah's walking is improving each and every day. She still crawls most of the time but today I saw her attempting to walk a lot more often than ever before!

Sunday, March 14th. This is a short one as I kept missing her walking as she'd stop by the time I got the camera out.

Thursday, March 18th. I see big improvements even in 4 short days!

As often happens, these are days of mixed emotions. I am happy for Hannah as she is learning more and exploring her world and yet at the same time it's sad to think of her leaving her crawling and hopping behind. As always I am FOREVER thankful to God that He brought Hannah and I together when she was so young so that we get to experience these 'firsts' together.


  1. She is a superstar and is doing great with her walking! Getting stronger everyday!

  2. WOW...look at her go!!! You're going to be really running soon Cathy!!! :)


  3. Catherine, the feeling of mixed emotions will be a constant thing for you as your baby grows up. Jazzie is almost 8 now and there continue to be milestones that make me excited that she is reaching them, but sad because what she is leaving behind will never be back again. I agree with you, we were so blessed to have gotten out girls young enough to experience all the major milestones together. What a privilege it has been and continues to be.

  4. I love the look on her face as she toddles along. She looks quite pleased with herself!

  5. That's so amazing. She'll be running before you know it. :)

  6. Yes, I agree she does look quite pleased with herself as well she should! Cuter and cuter everyday if that's possible!!!
    Hugs and kisses from Miss Lila,and granddaughters Ilana & sadie

  7. I hear ya! I love how they develop but I am sad that they are less and less "baby" everyday.

    Keep smilin!


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