Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm working on a little project with Hannah and decided I wanted to include her hand prints. I thought I was careful enough when I bought the materials but obviously I was wrong!

I purchased this ink: (M3...there`s that `dead` language again! :o)
which said this on the back:

To me, that meant we were good to go!

Ummm....nope! I'm guessing the Fuchsia colour I chose was one that met the 'may require repeat washing' statement on the back. LOL!! Together we happily stamped her hand prints where I wanted them and even did a couple of extras for mommy. The problem arose when I went to wash off the ink it barely budged!! We tried soap and water as well as baby wipes but my daughter was still sporting pretty pink hands. Also, while in the midst of stamping and before I could stop her, she put her hand up to her mouth so for a brief time her beautiful rose bud lips looked like she had lipstick on them! Oye vey! Thankfully that little bit came off when supper was consumed.

After multiple attempts to get the colour out it was still quite prominent. She was funny as she'd go about her way playing and then I'd notice her look at her little hands as if to say, 'Hey! I don't remember them looking like this before!' We even added an unscheduled bath to tonight's routine to see if that might help but, no, not really. Here is my sleeping XiaoFen with her pretty pink hands. Much better than where we started...but still pink!


  1. I used to work with toddlers and we used their adorable hand prints for many crafts. Although one method didn't always work better than the other these are the things that worked best in getting our hands clean: baby oil, hair spray, and Soft Scrub. Usually we were able to get most of the color off using regular soap or sometimes dish soap but sometimes the ink was stubborn and took a little more persuassion to come off. Even if the little hands stayed colorful it only lasts for another day or two and it gave us something to grin about for a while. :)

  2. Hahahaha!! Love it!! A great moment captured on camera! :)

  3. All colours in the red-pink-fuchsia-range usually stay a bit longer on the skin. Nothing to worry about, it will fade :-).


  4. Olive oil takes it off -- at least prior to washing (I'm not sure it works the next day). In fact, Olive oil takes most things off the skin.

  5. Over the years I have learned that if it doesn't say Crayola Washabel on the package, it might not be washable! I only trust the good stuff :-)

  6. Is it wrong of me to be laughing out loud? Sigh...too funny!!


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