Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sew Much Fun!!

Last week I realized that now that Rebecca is 9 years old (how did that happen?) she might be interested in learning how to sew. I asked her and she was really excited to learn. We started with a tag toy as it's fairly simple sewing in straight lines and we had such a good time working on this project together! The first time I pulled out the camera to take her picture of our project she pretended to be shy. You can see that that didn't last long!

Here you have it, Rebecca's first sewing project: a tag toy!

Removing the pins after the first run around the toy using a zig-zag stitch

Sewing the front and back together. Hey, where did the tags go?

That's a lot of material to get through a small space!

Hey! How did they get there??

Showing her finished project off with pride!

I had originally intended to send this blanket to Ohio where I had an order outstanding but I quickly decided I couldn't part with her first creation. We talked it over and Rebecca's first sewing project is now tucked safely away for her to give to her new cousin Hannah when she arrives! A gift from the heart!


  1. Great job, Rebecca!

    She'll be whipping up 100 Good Wishes quilts in no time :0)

  2. Great work Rebecca! Do you think you can give me some lessons?

  3. Great job Rebecca and Auntie Cath! That's one special taggie you made!

  4. What a neat idea! Now on to knitting.....:-)

  5. Love all the expressions and the step by step pictures. Rebecca did a fabulous job for her first and oh, what a special gift!

  6. Rebecca is trés talented and that taggie will be a beautiful addition to Hannah's treasure box of gifts given with love. Very fun!

  7. Way to go Rebecca. What's the next project going to be?


  8. Good for you R!!

    She has such an expressive face and a big, beautiful smile.

    Keep smilin!

  9. that is so cool! Wonderful work Rebecca!

  10. Wish someone had taught me to sew!!

    She'll remember that more than anything.......

  11. A great gift you have given her..the gift of sewing.. I Remember the first things my granddaughters made.. And for her to have such a gift of love for Hannah... She is so cute!!! Linda

  12. Fantastic job Rebecca!!

    Love the picture play by play. She is so expressive … what a cutie!

    Smiles! :o)

  13. She's just so cute! She certainly got into the photo-shoot! You weren't only sewing blankets, you were stitches memories that will be forever on both your hearts.

    Love & prayers,

  14. I love Rebecca's facial expressions - too funny!

    Maybe Pipo can enlist Rebecca to put her quilt together?!!!

  15. Where can baby cousin Keigan put in his order for an original Rebecca-made tag toy? Great work Rebecca!

  16. oh my gosh - now I wanna make one!!!! Great Job!!!


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