Thursday, March 13, 2008

So Pretty!

As much as I have grown up with snow around me, there are still days when the beauty of it is almost overwhelming! Days when I find myself oooing and aweing each new place I look.

Tuesday morning was one of those days. A day when you need to capture memories quickly as one breeze can cause it all to blow away in an instant.

The snow was as light and fluffy as it could possibly be and every surface was decorated perfectly by God's handiwork!


  1. When all is said and done and the storm passes it is so peaceful looking!


  2. Wow - I love it. I've always loved the look of snow on the trees and shrubs. I love that last picture. Beautiful!


  3. It has been pretty for sure... and we're closing in on the record with each new bit of snow... so much for the winter of '39. Let's hear it for the crazy snow we got in 2008!!!!

  4. While it is pretty, from the inside, I just can't stop thinking how much better life would be without it. I don't think I'll ever be a winter person.

  5. Oh that is absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

    Mary McG
    in TN

  7. I've always said that i can't wait to one day photograph snowy landscapes... there is just something so absolutely serene about them- all that purity of cold, with the underlying hope of spring, wrapped up in the quiet.



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