Saturday, March 15, 2008

Waiting Mommies Dinner #9

Last night a group of us gathered for another Waiting Mommies Dinner. We were excited to have the adorable Owen with us but Daddy missed him too much and snuck him away before I could snap any pics. He's absolutely adorable so hop on over to Ange's blog if your want to see pics of this little cutie. He also holds a place of honour in that he's the very first boy to earn a place at the Waiting Mommies table. We're hoping he'll be joined by many other boys this year but for now, the place is his alone. Welcome Owen! Congratulations Ange!!

Last night was a fun group made up of mommies adopting from Ethiopia, Vietnam and China. Here's the rundown of who is in the picture: (back row l to r): Jill, Ange, Anne-Marie (who was with us for the first time...welcome!!), Andrea, myself. (Front row l to r): Karen, Tammy, Lea, Julia and Bev. It was great to spend time with everyone! Looking forward to May 10th. Any suggestions for a gift theme for May? Please leave them in the comments area.

Last night's gift theme was 'Pamper Mommy'. Oh yah....that's a good theme! (Thanks Karen!) I received this adorable little mug that I'd seen on Lea's blog but had restrained myself from asking where she bought it. Now I have my very own and my coffee will taste extra special in that adorable mug....after Roll-up time is over! ;o)

Speaking of Roll-up time, my dear friend Karen showed up with this fun gift from she and her hubby Mike. A winning coffee Roll-up!! LOL!! It was beautifully wrapped in a gift bag and I laughed when I opened it. Thanks so much Karen and Mike! You're too funny! I'll think of you and smile when I enjoy my coffee.

I also wanted to add another beautiful gift that I received recently from my friend Julia who is also part of this group. It's the book, 'the Gift of an Angel' by Marianne Richmond. It's a beautiful book written to welcome a new child and the first time I read it there were a few tears. Thank you Julia! I'll treasure it and look forward to reading it to Hannah.

I am SO thankful to have this wonderful group of ladies in my life. Ladies who know what it's like to wait for so long for a child they already love so much. A supportive group of people who allow us to share our frustrations with the wait, question the unknowns (of which there are many) and also, celebrate our referrals and the addition of new babies to the group!

It really is quite funny I must say though when these new cuties join our group. In most baby situations everyone would be playing 'pass the baby' but we all understand the importance of the initial attachment and bonding period so we look on from a safe distance allowing mommy to be the one to totally care for baby. Oh yes, we oooo and awwwwe but just without the holding part. It's tough but we are all well studied in the adjustments mommy and baby are making so for the first visit we look on without holding. Now, after about 6 months home we're more than happy to hug, snuggle and do everything we can to help mommy out!


  1. Yes, it was a good time last night - great group of ladies. Glad you liked the little gift. Couldn't resist!

    See ya soon.


  2. Sounds like a good time - sorry to have missed it!!

  3. Sounds like fun! When I saw your blog on bloglines, my first thought was, "Oh, good! Catherine won something in "Roll up the Rim!" Tee hee.

  4. We are lucky to have you my friend.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. What fun!

    I DO love the cute.

    Hugs, sweets.

  6. Wow, looks like fun! We have one planned for next weekend but they are often cancelled because no one signs up! Looks like you guys have a good turnout!!

  7. Sounds like everyone had a good time. I miss being able to get together with everyone already!

  8. Good times...only wished I were there.

    Keep smilin!

  9. What a great support group! You always have a good time.

  10. I always love seeing updates from your waiting mommies group. You are very lucky to have the close support of so many special ladies. Great gifts too, I love those mugs and have seen them on a few blogs!!

    Smiles! :o)

  11. ok I'm going to ask........where did they get the mug???? I want one!!!

    A waiting Mommy Group is a wonderful idea!

  12. I don't even drink coffee and I want that mug! (I do eat my ice cream out of a mug though). Great gifts and what a wonderful time you guys seemed to have!

  13. What great goodies! I love the mug and the book! How special.

    Glad you all had such a good time!

  14. Looks like an awesome group of ladies! Support systems are the best!

  15. Oh, I wish I lived closer! Looks so fun. I love that mug too and tried to google it, no luck. Could you ask Lea where she got it? I went to her blog too where others had asked but didn't find a reply. Happy almost Easter!

  16. Fun dinner! Looks like the group keeps getting bigger.


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