Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please Pray for Tricia **updated at 6:30am**

Tricia is a beautiful young gal whose blog I found about 2 months ago and immediately her story found a place in my heart. Her adorable hubby Nate also has a blog and writes often.

Today they received a call that could change their lives forever and I'm asking you to please pray that all goes well.

You see, Tricia was born with Cystic Fibrosis and is now a beautiful young lady, 24 years old. Last fall just as Tricia was preparing to be placed on a transplant list for new lungs, God worked a miracle in their lives and they conceived a child. Beautiful, teeny-tiny Gwyneth Rose was born at just 24 weeks gestation, almost 12 weeks ago. Although a micro-premie, Gwyneth Rose continues to grow weekly and is absolutely adorable!

What happened tonight that has potential to change their lives forever is that they have received a call that there may be a new set of lungs on the way to Duke Hospital for Tricia!!! The transplant team is flying out of state to examine the lungs and if they are a good match, Tricia will be prepped for surgery early tomorrow morning.

Please pray for this precious family. If you want a pick-me-up, just take a moment to read some of Nate's blog and you may very well find yourself laughing right out loud! Their love for the Lord is amazing and they are trusting God to work miracles in the lives of their family. All 3 of them are currently living at Duke Hospital. Tricia, who is at this time permenantly on a ventilator and Nate on one floor and precious Gwyneth Rose in the NICU just a couple of floors away.

Please pray that the lungs will be a perfect match, for the transplant team, for all involved with the transplant, Nate, Gwyneth Rose and also for the donor's family who lost a loved one today.


**Update - 6:30am**
Last night's sleep was full of thoughts of Tricia and I woke often to pray for her. I was saddened to read when I woke up this morning that the lungs were not a good match for Tricia so she continues to wait. I ask that you please continue to keep this precious family in your prayers as her wait for new lungs continues. Please pray that she will stay healthy so that when lungs are available she will be able to have the life-saving surgery. God is in control and I know she and Nate are trusting Him. Continuing to pray.


  1. Ive been following their story. Even if this is a "dry run" as they call it, I pray that all will be taken care of

    That family rocks!

  2. Hoping for good news for them soon. Miracles happen. My cousin is testament to that. Same disease. Same requirement. One year ago this past March 16th, they got the call and today she is one year plus with her new lungs.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I had not visited their post for awhile but you are right.. they are a true inspiration! I'll be praying for God's grace on their family and that new lungs will be part of his will.

  4. Sending some good vibes to this inspirational family!!!

  5. Oh our problems seem so small don't they...........

    prayers, and healing thoughts her way.........

  6. I've been following their blog and continue to pray!!

  7. Oh Catherine!! I remember someone posting about this family a few months ago but I had lost track of them! Thanks for the post! I'm going to add them to my bloglines now!

    And to think my whole blog post today was whining and grumbling over dumb little "stuff". Thanks for putting things back into perspective for me today!!

    LOVE you!!


  8. What a story! I will pray for them.


  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Oh my.

    Thanks for the reminder that I have no real problems. I was in the middle of feeling sorry for myself.

  11. Thanks for posting the link to their blog. I will pray for them. What a precious baby girl they have.

  12. What a beautiful and strong family... reminds me that if they can go through what they're going through with a smile on their face, I am capable of anything I put my mind to. Saying a prayer for them right now! Remember, every "no" you receive brings you that much closer to a "YES!!!", so I'll be praying that the next set of lungs is a YES!!!

  13. Oh, I'm gonna have to go check out their blogs!
    This reminds me that I need to post about a book I read a month ago, it is called "The Gift that Heals: Stories of hope, renewal and transformation through organ and tissue donation"
    It was written by a man who lost his yound son, and donated his organs. VERY toughing, a GREAT read!
    Sending prayers their way!!!

  14. Praying for them! Praying that the call they got today on Nate's B-day is the one!

  15. Catherine-Incase you haven't seen yet they were told about another set of lungs today. I am praying that this set will be perfect for Tricia.

    I also wanted to say that I started reading your blog from Mary-Mia's blog and when I saw your picture by your comment on Nate's blog, my first thought was, I know her. What a small world.


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