Friday, March 07, 2008

Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures!

If any of you have been checking the tally in my sidebar you'll see that my Rrroll-Up winnings this year are pathetic!!! Yes, you're reading that correctly. 1 coffee won out of 24 purchases...err 25 if you add this afternoon's 'Please Play Again' to the tally. Ugh!

The competitor in me (the one saying the next cup will be the big winner) wouldn't allow myself to take a competing coffee shop up on their offer...until this afternoon. After rolling up another 'Please Play Again' I took my losing cup, walked across the street to Country Style (CS) and traded in my losing Tim's cup for a free cup of yummy Country Style coffee. For this week only, CS is offering a free coffee for each losing Tim's cup that is turned in. Good way to bring in business at a time when their sales could decrease. I often buy CS coffee but during Roll-up time I'm normally loyal thru and thru to Tim's. Not today. I enjoyed a hot cup of CS coffee.

The competition at work is in full swing although so far there doesn't seem to be anyone running away with it. Dragging up the rear are Randy, Mark, myself and a few others. Randy is the keeper of the chart yet would you believe he's the only one of the group who hasn't won anything yet? His office is next to mine and you can often hear us whining to one another over the wall about our losing status this year.

He sent an email to the group with one simple picture and comment on it and within minutes the emails were a flying and a story had been formed. You could hear us chuckling throughout the office as each new comment/picture arrived. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did! (This is indicative of the fun, crazy people I work with!)

Randy: Why does Catherine keep walking by my desk and doing this all the time?

Cory: Because she saw you doing this:

Randy: And this is all I found:

Ken: Dibs!!!


LOL! We may not win free coffee and donuts very often but we sure have fun trying!


  1. Even though you are not the big winner, YET, it sure sounds like you are having fun trying.

    Good Luck next week!

  2. I am 1 for 12. Yet I still go! I like CS's marketing idea. Double your coffee intake!

    You guys are a fun group.

    Keep smilin!

  3. That is too funny Catherine! Only in Canada eh?! We are crazy addicts! I do love the CS marketing idea-I never heard about it. I think I will stop on by! I am 8 for dad is 5 for 2! Actually, I treated him for a coffee this afternoon and he is the one that picked the winning cup- ugh!! have a good weekend!

  4. You're too funny! Shawn has had one coffee there so far and he's 0 for 1.

  5. Unbelievable Catherine! You are a traitor! I'm shocked! What has this world come to??? :)

    I suppose your stats aren't great . . . better luck next week.


  6. Well....I've only had 2 Tim coffee's since the promotion began and both said, "Play again", but to be honest, I dont' mind that response - I even did a blog post on it back on Jan 23rd of this year, "Play again - a lesson in second chances". my son says, I really CAN make an object lesson out of anything...sorry!

    Also, Cath, I couldn't help but notice the 'word' on your Country Style cup - "ATTITUDE" - boy, could I make an object lesson out of that one!!!! You had just written about the competitor in you not allowing you to accept the gracious offer of the other coffee shop...hmmm...I could go on... :o)

    God used a Country Style cup to teach me a lesson on 'pride' - I'll have to post that story later.

    Hope you have a good day. Keep trying. You could just win the big one!

  7. You are so funny! I love reading all of the Tim's posts :)

  8. Sweetheart, you crack me up!

    Now...go win BIG!!!

  9. As long as it good coffee, right?!!

    CS should promote - bring in your losing cup, buy 1 and get one free. If they just give away cups of coffee, they're not making any sales!

  10. You just got me to choke up my coffee!

    Good luck and keep up with the stats and the stories - but next time have a camera ready to catch the next guy diggin thru the trash :)

  11. I'm going thru the same thing with the Coke Rewards. I'm grabbing everyone's coke lid.....they all think I"m crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for sending me the excel Timmy's chart!!! Yes, the snow was crazy eh, but now it is soo beautiful out...I'm having fun over here! Hope your week is well!

  13. Hi Catherine
    I popped on over after you visited my site!
    Well we are still waiting and hopefully it won't be much longer!
    Hugs Ruth in NZ
    Ps we don't have such things here that is free coffee!

  14. Oh Catherine that is friggin hillarous. Sounds like you have a really fun group to work with.

    Kirk buys 3 cups of Timmies a day - he's an addict. He has only won 1 measly donut so far. I remember a few years back when it was still fairly new, people were winning all the time. Let's hope they are just going to spit all the winners out at once **grin**

    Hope your doing well, I haven't talked to you in awhile. Big news for us...........we made a family decision for me to leave work and stay home with Olivia and support more with raising the family. It was a BIG decision but just right in my heart.


  15. Sorry that your stats aren't better. At least you got a free coffee from CS!


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