Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wahooo!!! It's Salsa Time!!!

The day is finally here! Yeah!!! Today is the day when Mary-Mia and Rod board a plane and wing their way to China! In just 5 short(?) days beautiful Rose and Marie will be in their arms! Just think...a baby for each of them! How wonderful!! Double the baby and double the fun!

Now, if you're concerned that there won't be any arms available for snapping pics and taking hours of video, you can rest peacefully. Both set of grandparents have already flown to China and will be there to catch each and every moment of the fun! Ummm...unless they're off sightseeing or Mary-Mia's dad is playing tennis! :o) (That's what he was doing when the referral call came!)

Congratulations Mary-Mia and Rod!!!

So very, very happy and excited for you! Rose and Marie, you are blessed to have 2 such wonderful (and slightly crazy!) parents. In one word your new lives are going to be FUN!


  1. That little picture you put up is too cute. Those girls will need some chili pepper outfits ;0)

    Here's hoping mom and dad had a safe trip!

  2. I am waiting with baited breath to see their blog while they are in China. I hope all goes well for them and I really hope they video tape gotcha day so I can have a good cry....:-)

  3. OMG those graphics are so cute!
    I am following their journey to the twins too!


  4. I can't wait to see the updates on their site!

  5. I'm watching their site to see any updates.

  6. Oh you are so funny Catherine!!! Love this post - the part about the grandparents just made me smile. I'll have to forward this to them so they can all read it.

    Hi hao from Beijing, we're up, breakfasted, and going to head out on our own to do a little exploring. Yikes! :-) Talk to you soon.

  7. This is one journey I'm almost as excited about as my own! So fun.


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