Thursday, October 12, 2006

This Made My Heart Melt!!!

One of the little projects I had planned for our fun weekend together was to have the girls create a page for Hannah's Blessings book. Well for these 2 cuties doing only one page would never do!

We hit the dollar store before apple picking in the afternoon so that they could choose stickers for their projects. After much deliberation they each found ones that would be perfect for their pages for Baby Hannah.

After raiding Auntie Cathy's paper and ribbon stash early that evening they set to work. I was totally amazed at how creative they were! I didn't help either of them a single bit. It's all them!

Victoria's creative juices were still flowing after 2 pages so asked if she could do a 3rd. Sure!

Rebecca had chosen Disney stickers as one her sets of stickers so I found a great picture of she and Mickey taken together last year. She was excited to tell Baby Hannah all about the Disney trips that we will take together in the future!

And, to make an already perfect time even more wonderful, the girls recorded the message below for Baby Hannah. The love that they already have for her is wonderful and they talk about her all the time. Dreaming of what we'll do together when she gets home. And yes, they've made me promise that she can sleep (? - they don't) with them when she gets bigger. It will make for a crowded little bed of giggles but I can't wait!!!

Here is the thoughtful message to Hannah that made me cry and still does when I listen to it!

Thanks Rebecca and Victoria! Have I told you today how much I love each of you?


  1. Sooo cute! They are very creative. Seeing these pictures was a good reminder for me. I gotta get my butt in gear and get that blessing page to you. Sorry about that. I'll do it within the next week. :)


  2. Those girls are the best! Baby Hannah is going to have THE BEST cousins!


  3. Wow! What sweethearts! That had to make your day ten times over :0)

  4. How sweet...Hannah will have so many friends when she gets here!

  5. Aw, what little sweeties. Hannah is going to ADORE them!

  6. Ahh what great pages!! Those girls are 2 very special little people and I can see why you spend a lot of time with could you not?? Hannah will have so much fun with them...the video brought tears to my eyes tooo!!

  7. Isn't being an auntie the best? I, too, have a niece named Rebecca!


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