Thursday, October 05, 2006

'Just Give Me Jesus' Conference

Last weekend I had the priviledge of attending the Just Give Me Jesus conference in Toronto. It was a wonderful weekend! I went with 3 friends: Lisa, Heather Lynn and Gwen. We had a great time and decided with the conference ending late Friday night and starting early Saturday morning that we'd stay in the city overnight. Oh yah, that was a good choice, but that's for another post.

The JGMJ conference is hosted by Anne Graham Lotz who is the daugher of Billy Graham. Friday night she spoke about Jesus and his sacrifice for us. Many, many ladies came forward for either salvation or rededication. What an amazing experience! Heather Lynn and Gwen were counsellors that evening so we were in the floor seats. The ladies filled every available space on the floor and spilled up into the stairways of the arena too. Wow! God was moving and people were being changed! Praise God!

Saturday was a day spent learning much! We learned more about meeting Jesus through worship; through spending time in His Word and through prayer. What a blessed weekend! Standing amongst 15,000 women all singing praises to God together was phenomenal! A little touch of heaven here on earth.

The next Just Give Me Jesus conference is planned is for Oslo, Norway in May of this year so if you happen to live in Norway (as some of my readers may) I'd highly recommend finding a girlfriend or two and attending. You'll leave a changed person. A better person than the one who walked in!


  1. We aren't that many christians here in Scandinavia that attend church every sunday and really, really believe their is a god. We are more into the evolution-thing ;-) So I have very (very!) hard to believe that 15.000 Scandianvians will visit Oslo for that. So I was very suprised when I realized how many americans that really believe in God and Jesus and all that.

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  3. Wow Lots showed up for the conference! My paster's son is going to Bible Collage in Norway, I should tell them about this.
    Anne sounds like she was a great inspiration, love to hear when many give their lives to the Lord, ya just get the feeling a revival is a brewing here in Canada don't ya!


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