Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beautiful Ballerina and Waiting for Baby

Last night I spent the evening with some wonderful friends! It was a nice treat to be invited to hang out with their family. Each Friday night is family night at Norma and John's place and last night was no exception and I was so happy to be included! Norma and I have been friends since the girls were young so I've watched them grow up and now they're becoming parents themselves. My how time flies!

'A' (Norma and John's first grandchild) was excited to try out her new ballerina outfit and entertained us by dancing around the room. Too cute! She's starting dance class next week which will be such fun to watch. I remember Rebecca taking ballet classes when she was about 3 and it was adorable! Still remember the day when 6 of us paid $10 each to go to her recital only to find out she was too shy to go on stage.

As you can see, Norma's next grandchild is due to arrive any day now! We thought it might even happen last night so plans were made, the phone list was prepared and we all headed home and to bed early. When I woke up at 7 this morning I figured that things must have settled down for Bonnie that and the baby musn't be ready yet. Norma and Kristy both called this morning to says that her labour had sped up then slowed down again so today Bonnie and Paul were going about their normal routine today and heading out to his parents farm to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Both sweet pics! I hope that new little one comes soon ;0)

  2. Yep, she looks ready to go, all right. HOpe all goes well with Momma and babe!

    Janet T.

  3. I swear, there's nothing cuter than a little girl in her ballet togs!

  4. Too cute...

    Hope Bonnie is well and baby arrives safely! Keep us posted!


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