Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gift Registries Added

As the months have passed I've heard about a number of great children's books. When visiting 'Chapters' online I found out that you can create a Wish List so I went ahead and did that. I love reading and hope to pass that love on to Hannah. If you're interested in seeing the wonderful books that have been recommended, you can
click here and it will take you to my list. Also, if there are others you'd recommend, please leave a comment and I'll take a look at your suggestions.

Last spring when my cousin and I went shopping in Detroit at Babies 'R Us, we created a gift registry there too. Bridget has 5 great kids so I figured if anyone could help me create a Wish List she would be the person to ask! The Babies 'R Us gift registry can be found by clicking here. Again, any suggestions of 'must have's for baby' are greatly appreciated!

P.S. This is my humble attempt to post anything at all while the entire adoption world (and beyond) waits impatiently for Mary-Mia's first post about the twins. Ahhh...the waiting is sooo hard!

'We want Babies....we want babies!!!' Oh yah, now that's the mature side of me showing!


  1. We want Babies; we want babies bring on the Fun-Shines

  2. I just love this..." We Want Babies Chant!!!" I'm with you:)

  3. he he he! it's hard to try and come up with something the least bit entertaining, when there's people out there meeting their babies for the first time!!!

    Poor Rod and M3, must certainly have their hands full!!! I just hope they are enjoying their babies, and not feeling too overwhelmed! They sure are beautiful!

  4. I love your book list - I got some good ideas from it.

    My personal favourite is The Kissing Hand. I love it. Actually I just bought the second one too called A Pocket Full of Kisses for my kids. It's about when Chester Racoon has a baby brother and he's worried about his mom not having enough kisses for both of them. It's very cute too and I thought it would be good for my kids to learn that I'll always have enough kisses and snuggles for them even after the baby comes.

    Thanks for sharing your list.


  5. Great books on that list! I have some more suggestions for you and I will email them to you :)


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