Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hopefully Tomorrow... Updated: NOPE!!! ARGH!!!

Arg! 2 weeks, 2 days and counting without Internet. Alomost-there. Gonna-make-it.

I've been told by Rogers that my phone should be changed back to analog tomorrow night and that should allow my Internet problems to be fixed too. I'll beleive it when I see it! Cynical? YUP!!! I'm not as think as they dumb I am!

Also, we're still awaiting referrals too. Rumour has it (one of the many) that they may begin to arrive on Thursday. Oh what a happy day that will be! I'll keep you posted so that you can check out the beautiful faces of my friends new little ones!

On a happier note, I'm sporting a cute little ladybug painted on my cheek today. Praying that by this time next year my little ladybug is in my arms as well as filling that wonderful place in my heart that she already has!

Update: It's now almost 5pm Tuesday and after spending almost an hour on the phone with Rogers they're now saying it might be fixed on Friday. Ughhhh!!!!! I'm so frustrated I could SPIT!!!!!! I called them today to confirm tomorrow's promised appt. and they said, 'oh no, your appt. is Friday.' Unless I wanted to delay until possibly next Wednesday, it had to be Friday. THANK YOU mom for giving up your Friday evening to watch TV at my place so that they can hopefully, maybe, possibly be there. Ugh!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Ladybug Day!!

    Miss you!!!!

    I hope we have Hannah and Annaliese home this time next year as well!! Can it happen????

  2. Hopefully you and Hannah will be dressed as matching mommy and daughter ladybugs next Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween and hopefully Happy Phone Back in Order!

    You and Hannah will both be adorable next halloween in matching costumes!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Perhaps the CCAA is waiting to send referrals until your internet is back up. Isn't that so thoughtful of them!!!!


  5. Lol LOVE the Carmody comment!! lol

    You must be soooo frustrated Catherine!!

    Hope by Friday it's ALL DONE and fixed so you can enjoy your weekend blogging again!!

  6. WOW....I would be at someone's throat by now!! Do you think they will credit your account for ALL the stress they have caused you???
    Anyways, sure have missed you and hope to have you back online soon!!

  7. Wow, that company is hosing you! I hope they plan on giving you a lot of free service. Grrrr!

  8. Hi Catherine,

    I just started following your blog. Totally sucks about the whole internet thing.

    I've got you marked so I'll be watching you now :-)


  9. Happy Halloween!

    I have a Ladybug costume that Adriana wore at 2...Maybe Hannah would like to borrow for an upcoming Halloween!


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