Thursday, October 05, 2006

Toto, We're Not at Motel 6 Anymore

Part of the fun of last weekend was staying in a hotel in Toronto. We wanted to be close to the Air Canada Centre so Heather Lynn set forth to find us a place to stay and man did she do a great job! I'm normally a Quality Inn, Best Western kinda gal when I'm booking but there just weren't any such places close to where we wanted to be.

Heather Lynn booked us in at the Grand Hotel and Suites just a few kilometers from the ACC. Just walking into the reception area was a treat! You could quickly tell there was a women's conference in town as the foyer was full of women. When we checked in the girl noted that there were 4 of us in our room and decided on the spot to upgrade us free of charge to a suite! Oh yah! The picture to the right was what we saw looking down the hallway towards our room when we exited the elevator. Oh ya, we weren't at Motel 6 this time!

This is Gwen in our little kitchen and my boudoir is in the background. Lisa and I were happy to each have our own little rooms with pullout couches but man did we laugh when we pulled out our beds! You know what a bad sofa bed mattress looks like right? Well, we had two that could have done advertisements for, 'Saggy Beds 'R Us.' Before we even got into them they were already doing the major sag thing! I got in and was quickly rolled to the middle with a large bar strategically placed under my back. But do you know what? We both slept great which was a surprise to all of us! Oh yes...Would you like to see where Gwen and Heather Lynn were 'roughing it?'

They humbly 'took one for the team' and suffered through the night sleeping in this beautiful queen sized bed with a down filled duvet! Ya gotta know next time Lisey and I are running into the room right quick and setting out sights on the good bed. The 'old gals' (Heather Lynn is all of 6 months older than me!) can have their turn on the sofa bed next time! :o)

Before calling it a night the group of us ventured to the rooftop to see the hot tubs and check out the city lights. Sadly we'd forgotten our bathing suits but the view from the rooftop was well worth the visit! There were 2 large hot tubs up there, a gazebo and they were even showing a movie on a large screen! What fun! Next time we go someplace we'll be taking our suits for sure!

Note to self and Motor City Mama's: Take bathing suits to Detroit next month. Maybe there will be a hot tub on the roof of our Motel 6! ;o)


  1. Looks great, Catherine! I love to have a suite too, just feels a bit more "homey". Glad you had a good time!

    Janet T.

  2. Beautiful place...hmmm...wonder what one can find like that in Detroit...time will tell!

  3. Wow, Toronto looks beautiful at night...and your hotel room was fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous room - so nice! I can't believe you guys didn't just go skinny dipping. ;-)

  5. What a girl night! Sounds like fun Catherine!

  6. Catherine
    those pictures of TO are making me homesick! I had forgotten how pretty it was...i used to look out over the CN tower from my window...

  7. I was going to suggest a skinny dip but M3 beat me to it. That view is amazing! Looks like a fabulous time.

  8. I'm guesing that our Detroit lodging will be a little less...uh...well...crisp?

  9. What fancy digs! Looks like fun, glad you had a good time.


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