Friday, October 27, 2006

Sorry for the Lack of Posts!

Ugh! Still no Internet at home and I've now been told it won't be repaired until next Wednesday at the earliest. *sigh* I-can-make-it...I-can-last...

I realized that I used the Internet a lot but hadn't realized quite how much until these past 2 weeks when it's been on the fritz. Yesterday I wanted to look up a phone number. Um, nope. Last Saturday I realized I didn't have the address of the church I needed. Had to wing it and did fine but wished I could have looked up the highway exit before leaving. Early this morning I wanted to look for some scrapbooking ideas to 'borrow' this weekend from 2 Peas but once again was stifled by my lack of Internet access.

Now, these are the minor inconveniences next to meeting Rose and Marie! (If you haven't checked out the Salsa blog you really should. Mary-Mia is a hilarious writer and she'll have you in stitches talking about the Twin Wrecking Crew that has moved into their hotel room!)

Lastly, new referrals are due out any day!!! We're excitedly awaiting referral news of Lindsey's baby sister Chloe; Lisa and Eammon's baby girl and praying that my wonderful friend Julie will make this month's cut off and receive her referral for Tess!!! This is an important month because an October referral means baby is home (or at least in their parent's arms in China) at Christmas!!! Fly stork, fly!!!

PS: Thanks Carol for letting your blog/email addicted friend stop by in the evenings lest she have to wait 15+ hours to get her next fix!


  1. FIngers are crossed! For your internet/phone problem to be fixed soon & for referrals!!!

    Keep smilin!

  2. I know!! I MISS YOU!!!

    Who can I call and hound to get out there and fix your service??!!!

  3. How frustrating!!! I think I would go insane.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a Wednesday fix for you!!

  4. When our internet was out of action for about 2 days... I was look a junkie, looking for her next fix!!! I was edgy, paced around, twitchy!!! Hope its fixed soon... it sure does make life easier!

  5. My fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes are crossed that referrals come soon and for many!!

  6. Sure have missed you Catherine!

    Crossing things too!!


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