Monday, January 09, 2006

A Wonderful Remembrance....God's Preparation 18 years ago!

As you know, I've been living, breathing, and sleeping adoption for the past year. A few weeks ago I remembered something really neat that happened to me almost 18 years ago. I had thought about it on and off over the years but now it held all new meaning to me!

It was August of 1988 and I was 22yo girl returning from a wonderful trip visiting friends in the Philippines, having helped them after the birth of their 2nd son. After spending 8 weeks together, I was heartbroken to leave my friends and especially the beautiful baby boy who had grabbed hold of my heartstrings from the moment he was born and never let go.

I was on a flight from Japan to Seattle, WA which was probably 12+ hours. From the moment I boarded the plane in Japan I noticed 3 caucasian women with 3 Asian babies and 2 toddlers. Well, if you know me, I was immediately pulled to these women and chatted with them the first opportunity I had. It was during this first chat that I found out these women were the wives of Northwest Airlines pilots and they were flying these beautiful children home to the US to meet their adoptive parents for the very first time! Yes, you guessed it. Part way through the trip I offered to hold a beautiful baby girl as she flew to meet her new family. I was able to feed her (a new challenge as at the time she had an unrepaired cleft lip and pallate), care for her and hold her close. She filled a void in my arms for a few hours and I in turn had a very small part in transitioning her to her new home.

I left those dear ladies and precious babies in Seattle as they boarded a plane to take them elsewhere in the US but I never forgot those beautiful almond eyes of coal and dark hair that graced my world if only for a couple of hours. She will never remember me but I in turn, will never forget her!

Just think! Approximately one year an almost identical situation will happen in my life and yet it will be oh so different!!!
~ the lady carrying that beautiful baby girl onto the plane will be me...and I will be called, 'Mom!'
~ those almond shaped eyes of coal that gaze back at me will be those of my daughter
~ that little head of black hair will be mine to brush and put into cute little pig tails that stick straight out!
~ I will be the one to carry her through Immigration and proudly introduce her to Canada as my daughter
~ my family and friends will be the people on the other side of the arrivals gate, welcoming us home as a new family!

Yes, God was preparing me for Hannah almost 18 years ago....I just didn't know it! His timing is always perfect! 18 years ago I know I couldn't have handled the thought of being single without a child until I was 40. Now I know it's His perfect plan for my life and I'm thankful for His plan and the steps of preparation that He has placed in my life!


  1. Catherine-
    Thanks for sharing. It was so touching that you would have that experience and see it as God's plan. I feel the same way that God has had a major hand in my decision to adopt.


  2. Catherine,

    That was beautiful! I need a tissue. You summed up many of my feelings.


  3. That was beautiful Catherine!

    Here's hoping your wait isn't too long!

    It's so good to see that you know Who is bringing it all together too!


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