Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

2006! Wow! Wasn't it just yesterday we were stocking up food and water just incase things didn't go as planned when we welcomed in the year 2000?

2005 was an exciting year in my life and if you're reading this, you probably know why. It was in January 2005 that the Lord laid it on my heart to begin the adoption process of a precious baby girl from China. It was an emotional year and one where I was reminded that I need to truly rely on God and leave everything to Him. He is my Saviour, guide and friend and I am continuing to trust Him as He leads me into a new role that I welcome with open arms; the wonderful world of Mommyhood! Will it be in 2006? Only the Lord knows. He knows the year, month, day, hour, minute and second that Hannah and I will meet face to (teary) face for the very first time! As excited as I am about this happening, I want it in His time and daily leave the adoption in God's hands asking Him to protect Hannah and love her for me until the day we meet. I don't know if she's born yet and I pray that if she's not, God will form her, protect her and also be with her precious parents. As I anticipate this most wonderous gift I can't help but ache for the selflessness of her birth Mom and Dad.

Lord, Please comfort and love the birth parents of this precious baby girl that you are preparing to be my daugher. Help them to know in some way that their daughter will be loved unconditionally and that they are appreciated and loved.

It's times like these that I find it so difficult to fathom what will happen and also must admit to feeling a little guilty at times. I'm so excited about this baby yet at the same time it means a woman who has lovingly carried this baby for 9 months will have to leave her not knowing her future. She won't know what happens to her daughter or that God has a plan for her life that includes a Mom and new life is half-way round the world. This birth mother needs a comfort that I cannot provide, but one that God can and I ask him to do so.

Will I become a Mom in 2006? I'll let you soon as I hear! Trust me...I'll be shouting it from the rooftops...and telephone...and email.....and just about everyplace else too!

Happy New Year everyone! May God bless you and your family this year. May we all live for Him and share Him with those around us!


  1. What a beautiful post Catherine. It is truly the only way to not go crazy during the wait. Rely on God. I am anxiously watching and waiting with you. My own adoption journey has had some hold ups and I too have had to place the whole creation in God's hands.
    Blessings to you and your Hannah-

  2. Your faith is so inspiring, thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of yourself C!


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