Monday, January 09, 2006

Letter of Presentation...phew...tough to write!

I have just completed writing the first draft of my, 'Letter of Presentation' and to be honest, I'm emotionally exhausted and feel on the verge of tears! This letter is sent to the Chinese Government requesting the honour and priveledge of adopting a child from their country. It must be written with great respect and care yet at the same time I wanted it to come from my heart. How do I put on 2 pages all my heart is feeling and how much I love this little girl whom I have never met? How do I show these wonderful people that she will be loved and cared for? I know that this will happen but it's so hard to put it onto paper. Also, having to write the words, 'I promise never to abuse or abandon my child' were really, really hard. I know I will never do this but it just seemed awful to actually put pen to paper and include this in the letter but included it must be. Another really difficult part to omit was the portion of how I feel this is God's will for my life and that He is leading this entire process. I believe this with all my heart and even though I cannot write this in the letter I will share it with my daughter when she is old enough to understand.

I've often been told that the adoption process will be an emotional rollercoaster and today was just another example of that. How can I long to hold someone so badly that I have never met? How can there be such an ache in my heart for this baby girl? Why do I feel like I miss her already? It's going to be a long year!

Dealing with what I'm feeling, I can't begin to imagine what her birth mother must be going through. I ache to hold Hannah and have only a year to wait. She must/will ache to hold her baby girl and this ache will never be fulfilled.

Oh God, please help this precious woman deal
with the loss of her beautiful daughter. Please hold
this dear lady in your loving arms and comfort
her as only You can.

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  1. That's beautiful.

    I also pray for LB's birthmother every night. I ask God to give her courage and strength to get through what must be a difficult time.


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