Thursday, January 12, 2006

Matching Room Picture

Part of my Dossier includes 6 pictures of myself, family, home, etc. Then, there is 1, and only 1 picture that goes into the infamous 'Matching Room.' (This is a picture of the Matching Room) Each and every one of these files represents a person/couple just like me who is anxiously waiting for the referral of their child. No wonder it takes a while to receive it! The files represented here are for people throughout the world who have been approved by the Chinese government to adopt a child and now each child will be perfectly matched to their parent(s)!

I know that God has already matched Hannah and I but it's still neat to think that He will match us in this very room. There is only 1 picture that will make it to the actual 'matching room' and this is it:
You can imagine my original horror when I was told that it was my Passport picture that went to the matching room. Nooooo! Too scary! If you're really brave (and I mean really brave) you can click here and see the picture I thought my daughter was going to be matched to. Yikes! Since we can't smile for Passport pictures in Canada, about the only thing missing from that mug shot is a number board! glad I was allowed to have a new Passport sized picture taken where I could smile! Oh so happy! I'm not sure what features they're looking for as there's not going to be a lot alike between us looks wise but somehow they do this and absolutely everyone says their child is the perfect match for them!

I do find myself thinking at times, 'I wonder what she'll inherit from me? My smile? My fingers?' And then I catch myself. Hannah is so much a part of my life already that I briefly forget we are going to meet via adoption rather than be related biologically. That just fine with me and she also won't have to worry about inheriting Mommy's lesser-attractive body parts either!


  1. That is a great picture.... your daughter will have a beautiful SMILE!!!!


  2. Any part of her personality that she has that is like you will make her a lucky girl. ; )

  3. Hi Catherine!
    You've been tagged and you are IT!

  4. Just wanted to say HI! I have added your blog to my blog list. here is my site:

    We are awaiting a DTC.

  5. what a great passport photo! You should see mine- we're going on the third set of photos, hoping to get one set taken that looks less than insane.

  6. You are SO LUCKY - that picture is beautiful. Ours (which were sent blissfully off before we heard that they were even involved in the matches) are horrendous!!!

    Can't wait to see your beautiful daughter!


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