Friday, January 06, 2006

Adoption Timeline

*** Last updated March 25, 2009 ***

I'm often asked how the adoption timeline is going so I thought I'd share what has been so far and what the anticipated (very flexible) dates may be for the next steps in my journey to mommyhood. This timeline covers all the nitty gritty details!

Jan 11, 2005 ~ Decided to adopt a little girl from China
Jan 26 ~ Attended Information session at Oshawa Public Library
Jan 28 ~ Placed on Open Arms to International Adoption’s singles waiting list
Feb 27 ~ Attended Information session hosted by Open Arms
March 27 ~ Submitted request to Ontario Government for long form birth certificate
April 30 ~ Helped with Open Arms’ Silent Auction
May 19 ~ Received long form birth certificate
May 30 ~ Advised by Deborah Maw that I could begin my homestudy
June 13 ~ Initial visit with Sal Garofalo, my social worker
June 15 ~ Adoption placed on hold for the first time - praying and seeking guidance

June 28 ~ Met with Pastor Rick. Prayed with him and discussed my feelings. A wonderful visit! Such a wise, godly man!
July 4 ~ Physical and blood work - Dr. Fitzpatrick
Aug 15 ~ Slowly began to proceed with adoption but to be honest at this point I’m going ahead without the reassurance that this is what I should be doing
Aug 22 ~ Submitted local police check request
Aug 29 ~ Received local police check back
Aug 31 ~ Fingerprints taken by friend Pat Sayer
Sept 1 ~ Fingerprints mailed to the RCMP
Sept 6 ~ Officially registered with Open Arms. I have an official file #!
Sept 12 ~ Adoption placed on hold for the second time - seeking God’s guidance. I only want what He wants. Waiting on Him for direction.
Sept 14 ~ Fingerprints received back from RCMP
Sept 28 ~ Second meeting with Pastor Rick
Oct 17 ~ Talked with Madge Ellis about her adoption of her daughter Debbie. By the end of that conversation I knew that proceeding with the adoption is what God is leading me to do!!!
Oct 18 ~ Told Mom and Dad to prepare for China! The adoption is a GO!
Oct 23 ~ Open House hosted by Open Arms. Met a number of other singles and couples who are also in the process of adopting from China.
Nov 10 ~ First in-home homestudy visit with Sal
Nov 18 ~ Second in-home homestudy visit with Sal
Nov 25 ~ Homestudy completed and signed!
Nov 28 ~ Homestudy sent priority mail to Open Arms
Nov 29 ~ Service Agreement signed with Open Arms
Nov 29 ~ Homestudy received by Open Arms
Dec 1 ~ Homestudy delivered to Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services
Jan 8, 2006 ~ Attended second Open Arms Open House
Jan 23, 2006 ~ Reapplied for long-form Birth Certificate
Feb 2, 2006 ~ Received long-form Birth Certificate
Feb 6, 2006 ~ Dossier Couriered to Open Arms
Feb 16, 2006 ~ Received Ministry Approval!
March 13, 2006 ~ Dossier to China!!!
March 23, 2006 ~ File Logged with China Center of Adoption Affairs!!!
March 8, 2007 ~ Dossier is through the Review Room and in the MATCHING ROOM!!!
Jan 14, 2008 ~ Applied for new police clearance to update Ontario Ministry on Community and Social Services which is due by April 30, 2008. (After a mini-update is done with my social worker to extend my current approval until April 30th. The Ontario government recently changed their approval requirements and require new/updated paperwork due to the extended wait.)
Jan 17, 2008 ~ Physical to update Ministry approval
February 8, 2008 ~ Completed mini-update with Social Worker to extend Ontario Ministry approval until April 30, 2008
April 20, 2008 ~ Completed 2 year update paperwork with Social Worker to exteng Ontario Ministry approval until April 30, 2010. Praying I do not need to extend it again!!!
January 15, 2009 ~ Applied for Part I of Hannah's Canadian Citizenship. Part II will be completed in Beijing!
February 28, 2009 ~ Passport Renewal applied for
March 12, 2009 ~ Part I of Citizenship approved!!
March 13, 2009 ~ Passport arrived. Good for another 5 years!
August 29, 2009 ~ Saw my sweet daughter's face for the very first time!!!
September 12, 2009 ~ Open Arms Travel meeting. We're leaving for China October 29th and Hannah will be in my arms on November 2nd!!!

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