Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still Waiting for Ministry Approval

I tell you...I'm so glad God is in charge of this timeline because if it was me I'd think it was moving too slowly!

My file was submitted the the Ontario Government on December 1st. At that time approvals were taking about 4 weeks. I figured with Christmas and New Years in there it would probably take a little longer but really hoped it would be approved by now. Nope! I received an email from my agency today letting me know that they had contacted the Ministry yesterday and there had been no recent adoption approvals. :o( My agency alone has 6 files awaiting approval so I wonder how many there are that belong to other agencies? Ugh! This is the first delay I've had in my adoption paperwork so I have ZERO reasons to complain so instead of complaining I'm just...hmmmm...complaining! Yup! Gotta call it what it is! Oh well.

On another note, referrals from China have also slowed down. Does it sound selfish to say I'm thankful I know this before my files goes over? I can't imagine what it's like for those who thought they'd have been to China and back already with their babies yet at this point don't even have a referral and it's looking a ways off. hard! (Referral = THE CALL! The time your agency calls and tells you the name, date of birth, weight, height, province of birth, etc. about YOUR child! That day or the following day you see a picture of your child for the very first time!) In the summer referrals were being received approx 6 months after a file was logged in China. The current wait times are 8.5 - 9 months and may be getting longer still. Again, oh so glad that God's in charge of all this!

All I have is questions...He has all the answers and, in HIS time all will be revealed. He knows who Hannah is and is waiting for His perfect time to introduce us - first by a picture and then 6-8 weeks later in person!!!

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