Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Wait Continues for Ministry Approval

Today marks 7 weeks that my file has been with the Ministry awaiting their approval. The bad news is that’s about 3 weeks longer than I anticipated it would take. The good news is that when I went to put my final Dossier together last week I realized I’d misplaced my long form birth certificate (BC) somewhere in the house and needed to order another one. Having done that this past Monday I’m sure the original will show up any day now! Until then I wait for approval and my BC. The BC has a guaranteed 15 business day turnaround. Which will come first? BC or approval? Trust’ll know when either happens!

Back to the waiting. It’s all a part of International adoption and just part of the process. Word on the adoption boards is that the stork has left China once again and people with login dates in late April/early May of 2005 are anxiously awaiting their referral calls any day now! While I wait, I celebrate with online friends who are meeting their daughters (via picture) for the very first time! Referral day...a life changing day when a prayed for, anticipated, celebrated baby becomes a real person with a name and picture! My heartbeat quickens just at the thought!!!

Dear Lord, Please watch over baby Hannah. You know exactly where she is and as referral times lengthen I begin to think again that she is still warm and protected, being created and formed by you. I give her to you already. Please care for her and then precious woman who is carrying her. Thank you Lord.


  1. Hi Catherine, I just came across your blog.
    I pray that your approval will come very soon...

    The prayer for Hannah is beautiful!

    Carrie Yang

  2. Thinking about you and praying that your approval will come soon!


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