Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We Have the Prints!

I'd better be good now! My fingerprints will soon be winging...err...motoring their way to Ottawa to be logged and checked by the RCMP. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police for my American friends.) A good friend from church works for our local police department and kindly offered to take my fingerprints for me. It was so much nicer having them taken by him rather than in an office at the police station! Pat took the prints, his wife Cathy took the pictures and then we sat down for a cup of tea afterwards. Yes...much nicer!

Currently, the turnaround time for fingerprints seems to be somewhere in the area of 90 days so I knew I wanted to get them done sooner rather than later. (I'm hoping that in 90 days my file will almost be ready to go to China!)

I called Pat and asked if I could set up an appt. with him to take the prints. He was happy to help me out and we set a date and time. Because he was able to do them at home he mentioned that he would be using a portable kit...the one he normally used in the morgue! (What a story that would have been!) Alas, tonight when he went to pick up the 'morgue kit' another officer had it out so he used a small ink pad to do mine. I teased him when I first got there that unlike many of his other clients, my fingers would still be warm! :o)

I have the envelope addressed to the RCMP and a stamp on it. All I need now is to get a money order and I can mail off one more piece of paperwork. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I'm actually doing things that are helping the adoption to progress! Currently when people ask me when I anticipate getting the baby I say probably September or October of 2006. With September just hours away I'll soon be able to say, 'Next September!' Wow! In a little more than a year I'm going to be a Mom!

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  1. Only a scrapbooker would have photos taken when being fingerprinted. And I'm not talking about the photos they place on wanted posters!

    Girl, you are cracking me up! Wish I would have thought of that!


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