Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Trip to the Fun Fair!

When you're 6, a trip to a local Fun Fair can hold as much excitment as a day at an amusement park! Hmmm...wonder if we as adults could learn something from this?

When I went to pick up R at her house she was excited to show me her latest accomplishment...1 more tooth gone with the 'Tooth Fairy!' She just laughed at silly Auntie Cathy when I asked her Mom to send along some of her baby brother's food since I wasn't sure she'd be able to eat anything with such a large gap happening at the front of her mouth! She was quite proud of the missing teeth and only too willing to give me a wide non-toothy grin when picures were in order. (Which for me is always!)
Even though the girls hadn't seen each other in a year, when we arrived at the fun fair, R and B were quick to pick up on the friendship they share and were immediately inseperable! As their bright green and peach tops ran from game to game they were easy to spot. Where 1 was, the other was always close behind. The girls had a fun afternoon enjoying games, laugher and fun! Who needs an amusement park when you have friendship to provide the entertainment?

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